9 Reasons Why You Just Should Not Be Just Friends With Your Ex


Knowing a relationship is over is the hardest part especially if you’re just getting out of a long-term relationship. Breakups are really painful and, regardless of how they happen, you always feel like you don’t want to let that one person to completely disappear from your life.

So what do you do? You decide to remain friends? Let me tell you one thing, this is a very bad idea for several reasons and you can see why for yourself below.

1. It isn’t fair to either of you.

Both of you will feel drawn to each other and miss each other even more than you would if you quietly go your separate ways. If you care at all about each other, you should not be doing this to each other, avoidably putting yourselves through so much.

2. It will get even more difficult for you both to move on and get over each other.

You’ve heard of the saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ right? If there’s any chance of both of you moving on as quickly as possible, you will have to cut off all contacts with each other so the pain isn’t as raw anymore.

3. You cannot meet someone new or date anyone while they’re hanging around.

Imagine how awkward it would be to try and start a new relationship with someone else while your ex is around. You will not be comfortable talking to anyone new and you will end up comparing every prospective new partner to your ex.

4. Somewhere at the back of your mind you will always feel like getting back with them.

A part of you will always miss them and feel like you can work things out this time around if they are hanging around you. Sooner or later you will end up sleeping together because it is very difficult to be platonic with an ex.

5. You will be constantly reminded of the past.

Every time you see your ex, you will not be able to help yourself, and your mind will wander as you recall of all the memories of times past, the good and the bad. You will be plagued with the ghost of your past, making it almost impossible to move on.

6. Someone’s feelings will inevitably end up getting hurt.

Maybe you haven’t completely moved on or your ex hasn’t. Maybe you think that remaining friends will give you a shot at being together again. However, you will definitely end up getting hurt. You broke up for a reason and it’s best you stay that way.

7. If you meet someone new, they definitely won’t appreciate you being friends with your ex.

You have to respect your new partner and get to know them properly without the threat of your ex always looming around. Your new significant other will definitely not like it if you are pally with your ex.

8. Jealousy will somehow always be involved.

Your ex might meet someone new and that will feel horrible. You will be jealous of them and will not be able to help comparing yourself to their new partner. Jealously is never a good thing and will drive you and your ex further apart without any hope whatsoever for reconciliation.

9. You will never be able to openly talk about anything like real friends do.

Real friends are those who can talk about anything and everything but how can you freely talk to your ex openly? You will not be able to tell them about a new love interest or potential partner. Things will get really awkward really fast between both of you.

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