17 Gestures that Make Women Feel Loved

17 Gestures that Make Women Feel Loved


Aaron & April Jacob

After a huge response to our 17 Gestures that Make Men Feel Loved, here is the long-awaited list of 17 Gestures that Make Women Feel Loved.

Once again, these ideas are simply that – ideas. Not all of them will work in your marriage, but one of them might. And if you implement just one of these into your marriage this week, nurturing is going to happen, friends. And that is very good news.

1. Hug her for at least thirty seconds every day.

Affection. It’s at the heart of what your wife wants. Really, though. Of course she wants more than that, too, but most of all she wants to feel safe in your arms. She wants to feel cared about. She wants to be touched in gentle ways. So hug her for at least thirty seconds every day. Do it. Every day.

2. Be thoughtful. 

Your wife is probably a pretty selfless person and she probably does way more for you than you realize. So start paying attention to all that she is doing and tell her, “thank you.” Offer to help – to carry something, to open a door, to bring something downstairs that she needs. Pay attention to all she is doing and find ways to help.

3. Spend time with her.

One of the best ways you can let your wife know you love her is by giving her your most precious commodity – your time. Make it clear that you want to spend time with her, whether that is talking, watching a show, going for a run, or working in the backyard together. She will feel loved when she feels that you genuinely want to be with her.

4. Listen to her.

Your wife wants to talk to you – about everything under the sun. She wants to have meaningful conversations with you because that helps her to feel emotionally connected to you. If you feel like you don’t have anything to say, then read through these 15 Tricks to Help You Learn to Talk to Your Spouse Again, and practice. Give it time, before you know it, you will have plenty to talk about.

5. Take care of yourself.

Yes, you. Take care of you. Do everything you can to keep yourself in a healthy place – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Be positive and happy. Exercise and eat healthy. And take care of your soul. Your wife finds all of that super attractive.

6. Remember her birthday. 

And your anniversary. And Valentine’s Day. And did we mention, her birthday? Really remember it – and plan something fun. Get that gift she has been wanting. Pick up dinner. Buy flowers. Plan a romantic getaway. You know your wife best and what she would love, whether that is chocolate, jewelry, or a day at the spa. Whatever you choose, do not forget those important dates. When you remember those dates, you show your wife that you remember her and that she is special to you.

7. Ask her out on dates.

Yep, your wife still wants to date you. And have adventures with you. And kiss you under the full moon. So plan some fun dates (you don’t have to break the bank, cheap dates are just as fun!) and go create memories together. If you have forgotten how to ask your wife out, read this article.

8. Compliment her on her looks.

Tell her she is beautiful. Every day. If you like her hair, tell her. If you like her outfit, tell her. If her eyes are extra sparkly, let her know. Make an effort every day to notice how beautiful she is inside and out, and let her know how much you like that.

17 Gestures that Make Women Feel Loved - the cutest list ever! All men need to read this!

9. Give her a day off.

Ah, that wife of yours. She is something else. She is always going, moving, helping, doing. And she needs a break. So give her a break. Send her out for the day, to do whatever her heart desires (or book a hotel for her so she can sleep her heart out). She deserves a break. And magically, as you take over for a day, you will find a new-found gratitude for her and for all she gets done in one 24-hour period.

10. Be sensitive. 

Your wife needs you to be sensitive to her needs and stresses. She needs you to pay attention to how she is feeling physically & emotionally. She needs you to be sensitive. She may need your sensitivity in the bedroom, or during a stressful week at work. She may need your sensitivity when she accidentally backs out into the closed garage door, or when that commercial makes her cry, or when she is on her period, or when she is obviously hangry. Just be more sensitive. She will love you for it.

11. Do a project with her.

Next Saturday, ask your wife what project she would like your help with. She will go crazy. Enough said.

12. Encourage her in one of her hobbies.

Your wife needs time to develop, grow, progress, and find some happy in simple ways outside of her work/family. Perhaps she has shown an interest in painting, or CrossFit, or golf (lucky you). Whatever your wife is interested in, encourage her. Give her wings to fly. As she finds balance and develops herself more, she will be a happier, more fulfilled, more positive person to be around. And that is always a win-win.

13. Buy a surprise gift for her.

It could be small, like a pack of gum with a mushy love note, or big, like that road-bike she has been eyeing. It could be a salad or sandwich you pick up, or tickets to the symphony. You know your wife best. So, from time to time buy something for her to express your love for her. Super romantic. Just do it.

14. Go shopping with her.

Your wife may be a big shopper and she may not be. No matter what, offer to go shopping with her. Whether that is grocery shopping, random errand shopping, or fun-things-she-wants shopping. And be happy. Smile while you are shopping. And flirt. And don’t even think about the $$$.

15. Kiss her often.

Like 8 to 10 times a day. Your wife needs to be kissed. And touched. In gentle ways. Touch is a simple key to a happy marriage because it’s fun for you and it is fun for your wife. And it leads to an emotional and physical intimacy that is necessary for a healthy and happy marriage. So go kiss your wife, and then see if she doesn’t want to kiss you back and then some.

16. Fold the laundry. 

Or wash the dishes. Or deep-clean the blinds. Or wash the microwave. Or clean her car. There are hundreds of ways you can say “I love you” by doing something small around the home/yard. You two are a team, and when you up your game in the house-cleaning department your wife is going to want to kiss you. Like, really kiss you. Do it.

17. Respect her.

Your wife is your other half (your better half, really), your best friend, your confidante, and your one true love. So respect her. Be loyal to her. Listen to her opinion. Trust her ideas. Learn from her example. Speak highly of her always – in private and in public. Be kind. Be gentle. Be encouraging. And always, always, always treat her like a lady should be treated.

There you have it, 17 gestures that will help your wife feel loved (here is the men’s version if you missed it). Now, this isn’t an end-all-be-all list mind you. It’s just a few simple ideas that will help your wife feel closer to you. And when your wife feels close to you, good things happen, folks. Good things happen.

So, go love your wife. ​


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