‘PANTS’ Rules

‘PANTS’ Rules

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Please every parent and guardian should teach their children and wards, especially toddlers, very early about ‘PANTS’ rules. Times have changed and the world has become a very sick and pathetic place to live. There are many paedophiles and rapists out there. Be careful, and note that everyone is a suspect here.

We must prayerfully protect our children by arming them with the right information:


P – Private parts are private. Nobody is permitted to touch them.

A – Always remember that your body is yours and yours only.

N – No means no. Never yield to pressure.

T – There are no secrets from Mummy and Daddy. If there is any attempt on you, please report it.

S – Say something so we can do something about it.

Print out the rules. Paste a copy on a wall or any appropriate place in your house. Recite them to your kids always until they become registered in their hearts.

DEAR PARENTS AND GUARDIANS, SEX ABUSE IS REAL. LET’S EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN ABOUT IT. Hear it from our innocent, little children who have been abused:

  1. “Daddy Chinedu will ask me to off my pant whenever I go to help him on errand. He is our family friend. His wife and children are no longer with him. I have not told my Mummy. I am 10.”
  1. “Aunty Sade used to suck my penis and my little brother’s own. I am 9, my brother is 6. Though we have packed out of the place.”
  1. “I am 6. My brother used to have sex with me. I did not tell my Mum when I returned home. He did it four times.
  1. “I am 10. My Daddy used to have sex with me anytime my mummy is not around. I have told my Mum, but she wants to keep her home. One night I cried so much because I don’t like it. My mum packed to my grandma’s place with me and my two siblings. My father is pestering her to come back with us and if she refuses, he will come and take his children. Should we go?”
  1. “At 13, I was introduced to lesbianism by my church member. She was 15. We we’re both in a dance group. At 14 I gave myself to a dance group mate because I was drunk at his birthday party. I am 15 now. I have two boyfriends. They both have sex with me anytime they are in need or I am in need. I took in but I aborted with a mixture of Codine+water+Chelsea+Alabukun powder.

“I had given my life to Jesus many times, but the desire for sex and the group of friends I keep has kept me out. Though I am not a cultist but 80% of my friends belong to one cult or the other.

“Finally, my lesson teacher wants me to use sex to make up for my lesson fee.”

  1. “I am 11. My 15-year-old cousin in college used to have sex with me. Something like pap use to come out of my penis. I don’t know what it is.”
  1. “My elder brother and I used to have sex with our cousin staying with us. I am 9, he is 12, she is 10. Our parents are traders. They always return late.”
  1. “My elder sister did it twice with me and something like pap came out of my penis. I am 13, she is 15 and in JSS 1.”

These eight stories are NO fiction. As a matter of fact, they are true life experiences discovered on the field these past two weeks. Please, let your children be aware of their BODY and the implications of any VIOLATIONS or ABUSE on them. Ask them questions and be their friend.

I am too heartbroken for words right now!!! I can’t do this alone. We all must be passionate about EDUCATING our CHILDREN about SEX ABUSE. Let’s join hands to SAVE our children and the younger generation.


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