How to Happily Grow Old Together

How to Happily Grow Old Together


How to Do Life With the One You Love Most.

By Taylor Fuqua

When couples get married, they come together to create a union with the vow of ’till death do us part,’ but the reality is, most people don’t take into consideration just how long that is. You are committing yourself to this person for the rest of your life. It’s a pretty big deal. Marriage is a lifelong journey where two people will commit to growing old together, but most people don’t realize that as they continue to change and grow as individuals, so will their marriage.

As you go through the different stages of marriage, it’s essential to take into consideration how you and your spouse will grow old together happily. Things that may have worked within the first 10 years of your marriage may not work in the next 10, so use these tips as your guide to a lifetime of happiness as you and your spouse grow old together.

Protect your time together.

Both you and your spouse must go the extra mile to protect the time you spend. As your marriage grows, there may be things that come up along the way that will pull your attention away from each other. If you aren’t planning ahead when it comes to carving out time together, something else could take priority. If you and your spouse both understand that your time together is valuable, you will more than likely keep it as a top priority in your day-to-day lives. Make your quality time a regular thing and incorporate it into a routine. Protecting this quality time together will ensure that you build a strong foundation for togetherness within your marriage.

Stay on top of your health.

As you and your spouse grow older, your bodies will inevitably change. Ensuring that you will be able to continue to grow old together, means being proactive in your health. This means keeping up with regular check-ups throughout the year, maintaining physical activity, and having a proper diet. It’s possible to slow down the negative effects aging can sometimes have by taking care of your body now. Listen to your body as it changes and don’t ignore anything that may raise concerns. Contribute positively to each other’s health by holding each other accountable. You should be encouraging each other to stay on top of your health, and the earlier you can start, the better chance you both have in being happily together in the years to come.

Do things that keep you connected.

With how hectic life can sometimes be, this can sometimes cause couples to grow apart from each other. It’s not intentional, but sometimes things can happen to pull you apart, so you both must know how to come back together. Staying connected doesn’t have to be some extravagant idea that you plan for your spouse. It can be as simple as using nicknames for each other, surprising each other with completing a household chore, sending a thoughtful text message, or using verbal affirmations. Other things you could do to stay connected are going to bed together, getting up early for a morning date, sharing inside jokes, and sharing a hobby.

As small as these gestures maybe, they will be reminders to each other of the love that you share. As life continues to happen, there will be times where you won’t be able to spend as much time with each other, so finding ways to stay connected will get you through those times.

Invest in your marriage.

Just like a newly started business requires an investment to ensure it’s growth and success, your marriage needs an investment. Investing in your marriage is the best way to stay engaged in your growth with your spouse. Investing in your marriage could mean reading a book with your spouse on how to communicate better. It could also be attending marriage seminars where you are participating in workshops to help strengthen different areas of your marriage.

Investing is also knowing when to reach out for help on issues you aren’t able to resolve yourselves. Seeking help from a professional like a marriage counselor will equip you and your spouse with the skills to resolve conflict healthily. It will also teach you both how to process and work through unresolved issues. By being committed to investing in your marriage, you and your spouse will develop a deeper understanding of who you both are, as well as your individual needs within the union.

Investing in your marriage doesn’t necessarily mean how much money you are willing to put into your marriage, but developing skills to maintain a fulfilling marriage. The more you put into your marriage, the better it will be, and taking the time to invest early in your marriage will mean a lot to your goal of remaining happily married as you grow old.

Growing old together with your lifelong partner will be the most meaningful and fulfilling journey you will have in life. You both will get to witness the amazing transformation that will happen as the years go by. You will become grandparents, travel, set examples for your children, and ultimately just enjoy the company of having someone to go through the golden years with. Your life will have a deeper meaning, and having someone share it with will make you both appreciate all that you have experienced.

The blueprint to happily growing old together lies within the effort you put in now. Mature love is something you will continuously work at every day to maintain. It will make you both better people and provide you with wisdom through experiences. Looks aren’t the only thing that changes with time, your feelings will evolve as well. The way you expressed love to each other at the beginning of your marriage might look a lot different in 20 years, but the love that you have for each other will only be greater.


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