How to deal with your husband looking at other women

How to deal with your husband looking at other women

Fernanda Gonzalez Casafús
Some men can’t resist looking, even if they don’t mean to hurt you.
  • When I was little, I would watch my father. When we would walk down a street and there was a beautiful woman, he would always watch her closely. Even though his daughters and wife were present, he didn’t mind.My mother didn’t seem to care too much, either. However, since I had the tendency to be jealous, I told myself I would never let my husband look at other women like that in front of me.

    I’m fortunate to have a good, respectful man. However, I have caught my husband a few times looking at another woman and we’ve had great discussions about it. After talking it through and explaining our feelings, we were able to understand each other. I know my husband loves me, but that doesn’t mean he can’t notice the people around him. There’s nothing a good, respectful conversation can’t solve.

    If you’ve caught your husband looking at another woman, it most likely made you feel jealous and bad about yourself. However, he probably didn’t intend to hurt you. It’s so important to talk to him and express how much it affects you. When you catch your man glancing at a pretty lady, follow these tips:

  • 1. Don’t make a public scene

    When it happens, let him know you saw, but don’t talk about it until you get home. Now is not the time to argue. It’ll be better to discuss the problem in the safety and privacy of your home.

  • 2. Change roles

    Tell him to put himself in your shoes. Ask how he would feel if you were to gawk at all the attractive men walking down the street. Once he understands how his glances hurt you (and what it would feel like in return), he’ll have a better understanding of what his looks do to his wife.

  • 3. Make an effort

    Some men like to think they’re pretty macho, and they use this as an excuse to minimize their woman’s jealousy. Ask your husband to make an effort to avoid looking at other women, at least in front of you.

  • 4. Show him love

    Maybe your man just needs to feel loved. Dress up, go on dates with him and show him how much you love and appreciate him and his efforts for your family. When he feels that love and appreciation, he’s sure to reciprocate the actions.

    Communication is undoubtedly the best remedy for misunderstandings in a relationship. Don’t stop talking and don’t get angry even when you feel like it. Make sure your husband knows exactly how you’re feeling and talk about it. Dealing with a husband who has a wandering eye isn’t easy, but it can be improved with love and respect.


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