Always Hold Hands


Aaron & April Jacob 

There they were, a little bent over, wearing sweatpants and walking into Walmart together – holding hands.

White-haired and wrinkled and happy. Happy and happily married, that is.

We all know these couples. We admire them from afar and wonder what their secrets are.

And then we realize the truth, their marriages haven’t been perfect (a far cry from perfect), but they have learned a few things over the years and they have learned that often the most simple things make the biggest difference.

Holding hands while we walk through a store together? Don’t mind if we do!

So listen up, friends, if you want in on a little happy-marriage-secret, it’s this: always hold hands.

​Yes, it’s that simple.


Do it.

We love holding hands. Love it.

We remember exactly where we were the first time we held hands, how we felt (pretty giddy), and what holding hands meant for us, for our relationship.

It was something small, a simple expression really, but an expression of gentle caring, affection, and love.

Holding Hands is Intimate

Holding hands is a non-verbal way to tell your spouse that you care, that you love them, and that the romantic spark in your marriage is still going strong.

Admit it, holding hands is OH-SO-ROMANTIC.

It’s romantic because it’s a form of intimacy, people!

Holding hands CONNECTS you physically and emotionally with your spouse.

Holding hands isn’t something you do with other people, it’s reserved for just the two of you – which makes it pretty intimate and pretty special.

Holding hands can say, “I’m here for you,” on bad days, it can say, “You look hot,” when you are on a date, it can say, “You are still the best choice I’ve ever made,” and it most certainly can say, “He/she is mine. I know, lucky me.”

Yes, holding hands is for lovers.

Do It

You can make hand holding a priority in your marriage.

​An absolute, really. Something you ALWAYS do – starting today.

If you haven't held hands for awhile, it may feel awkward for the first second or two, but the magic will work quickly, and you'll soon remember the power of this simple practice.

If you haven’t held hands for awhile, it may feel awkward for the first second or two, but the magic will work quickly, and you’ll soon remember the power of this simple practice.

Now, just like the good old days, who initiates the hand-holding (and how) is a little tricky sometimes.

However, don’t let the awkwardness stop you.

​Just reach for your spouse’s hand and don’t let go. Let him or her know you care enough to take the lead in the hand-holding department. And never-ever-ever be embarrassed to hold hands with your spouse, especially in public or around family, friends, or co-workers!

Always Hold Hands

How often do you hold hands with your spouse?

Now that you are married, it is possible that holding hands has taken a back seat on your list of romantic priorities in marriage.

You can change that.

Be that couple. The couple who always holds hands.

Hold hands as you walk into your son’s baseball game.
Hold hands when you are in the car shop waiting for new tires.
Hold hands as you enjoy samples at Costco.
Hold hands at the family reunion.
Hold hands at your wife’s work dinner.
Hold hands every single time you go on a date.
Hold hands in bed.
Hold hands at the mall.
Hold hands in the car.
Hold hands in the movie theater.
Hold hands at the dinner table.
Hold hands when you are at church.
Hold hands when you are walking around the block.
​Hold hands when you are at the Dr’s office.

Simple put, always hold hands.

Hold hands on good days and bad days, through thick and thin, and through all the ups and downs that marriage – AKA life – brings.

So, if you want to do something today to nurture your marriage in big ways, you know what to do – always hold hands! Holding hands will help you rekindle those romantic feelings, help you feel close and connected to your spouse, and send a constant and steady message of love to the person you care about most in life.

And the next time you see a grandma and grandpa walking into Walmart holding hands, commit to be more like them in the here and now, and as the years tick by – the couple who always holds hands.

If you do, happily ever after is coming your way.


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