6 symptoms that occur during your most fertile period


Stael Ferreira Pedrosa
Do you dream of having a child? Or are you avoiding pregnancy, but not using birth control? Here’s the knowledge you need.
Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid it, knowing when you’re most fertile is vital information.
Here are six signs that you’re in your most fertile period of the month:
1. Increased libido
During this time, your progesterone (a hormone) levels increase. This causes your libido to spike more than normal. It’s also common to feel more hungry because of the hormone.

2. Secretions
When you start to notice vaginal discharge, this is a sign you’re at your most fertile. During this time you start to produce more estrogen, which results in mucus-like vaginal discharge.
3. Increased body temperature
When you have high levels of progesterone, your body temperature rises. To know when this is happening, take your temperature every day when you wake up in the morning. Keeping track will allow you to notice changes, even if they’re minimal.
4. Pain
Many women have stomach pain during certain times of the month, and this pain is typically caused by ovulation. When you’re ovulating and fertile, your ovaries can grow to the point of being painful in some cases.
5. Mood swings
Changes in hormone levels are easily recognized (if you have ever suffered from PMS, you know what I mean). Mood swings, cramping and bloating can all occur during your fertile window.
6. Oily skin
One of the most obvious signs is when your skin gets oily and you notice more pimples and blackheads. Your heightened levels of progesterone are responsible for this symptom.

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