You Look Sexy


Conversation between Grandma and

Grandma: Akosua, where are you going?

Akosua: Grandma, I am going to Church.

Grandma: Really? Please come and sit down and let’s talk for a minute before you go. I think we still have ample time before the Church Service begins, don’t we?

Akosua: About an hour, yes.

Grandma: The way you are dressed, in fact, you look very sexy.

Akosua: (Smiling) Thank you very much.

Grandma: Hmmm, Akosua, I can see you love that compliment. Please tell me, do you need someone to have sex with you?

Akosua: Ooh, noooo, Grandma. Why this

Grandma: If you do not need someone to have sex with you then, why do you dress “sexy”?

Akosua: There’s nothing to worry about, Grannie. I just want to…

Grandma: (cuts in) …dress to kill, as usual! Akosua, A Godly girl should never feel proud or swollen-headed when someone tells her that she looks “sexy”.
In fact it’s a very bad and insulting compliment.
The intention of dressing sexy is to arouse men. That’s all. That’s the reason prostitutes dress this way. They dress this way because they want someone to have sex with them and pay them. They do everything possible to “look sexy” and attractive – not to just one person, but to the entire men in town!
They expose their breasts, they wear things that will reveal all their endowed curves – and even private parts of their body. They do all this just to “look sexy” and attractive to men so that the men will not rest until they have a carnal knowledge of them, for money.
Please, Akosua, are you also trying to look that way so that you will be attractive to men for sex?

(Akosua looked down, and was speechless.)

Grandma: (continues)
This is the reason you are not getting a husband. Do you still wonder why suitable suitors rush to take you to bed…then, after saying “you are hot,” they dump you? They feel that you cannot stay with “one man” alone!
Do you now realise that I, your Grandma, am not the one using witchcraft against you?
You – young, fit and attractive – look so worldly. As you dress like this, going to Church or even to work, the probability of making men go the extra mile to just have sex with you is high. And you know you are not making God happy that way, but rather satisfying the lust of men.

Well, my beloved grand-daughter, I am done. You can now go.

Akosua: Thank you very much, Grandma. From today onwards, I promise to never again dress “to look sexy”. I will rather dress to look beautiful. I never knew about this. Thank you very much.

Grandma: You are welcome, my dear. (Seeing that Akosua started moving towards her room, she said…) Are you not going to Church anymore?

Akosua: I will, Grannie. I need to change my dress first.

Grandma: May God bless you for doing that.

Share with a friend what you have read today. Maybe not every “sexy looking girl” has someone to tell them this.

Don’t just read it, but apply it – just as Akosua did. My sisters, we are addressed the way we dress. Let us dress right to reflect the light of Godliness.

In all honesty, i didn’t do this to get your likes, comments or attention, but please do me a favour, you can keep your likes and comments (i don’t mind) but please share it to as many friends and groups as possible. I’m not promising blessings from God but I’m sure He sees and knows all, and I believe He will be proud of this little act.


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