Wisdom for Ladies


As a wife, your BEAUTY attracts your husband, but your WISDOM will continue to keep him!

Your ELEGANCE catches his ATTENTION, but your INTELLIGENCE convinces him!

NAGGING irritates your husband, but your “Constructive Silence” weakens him!

Remember that the “boyish” character in your husband manifests occasionally. Your ability to always handle it is proof that you are a MATURE WIFE!

Every man has “Secret Struggles and Pains.” Your husband is not an exception. If he ever confides them in you, please exhibit the greatest maturity by asking the Originator of your marriage (THE HOLY SPIRIT) to help you with USEFUL IDEAS that you will suggest to him (your husband)!

In the long run, your WORDS matter more to your husband than your “LOOKS”! Always invest the RIGHT WORDS! Earn your husband’s respect and he will see you as the yardstick for all his actions!

Learn to mould your husband’s moods; he will naturally give you his “FUTURE” as he recalls your maturity in disposing of past issues!

Note that WOMEN are everywhere but REAL WIVES are scarce. Let the QUEEN in you come alive. Your husband will always hold you in very HIGH ESTEEM!


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