Why your husband enjoys sex

Why your husband enjoys sex

Why your husband enjoys sex


(the reasons might surprise you)

Tamsyn Valentine

The reasons are not as obvious as you think.

It is typically noted in both society and marriage that men enjoy sex.

They want it; they need it.

But, when it comes to your husband, are all of his motivations for sex only physical and to merely satisfy an everyday need?

The following reasons why your husband wants to have sex with you as often as he does might surprise you and shed some light.

Here are five surprising reasons why your husband wants to get it on with you.

Reason #1: He thinks you are pretty hot

A better way to say this is that he thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world and has thought so since the day he met you. He feels tremendously lucky he has a wife he finds so extremely attractive.

With this attraction comes a desire to be intimate, to appreciate your beauty in a way only he can.

Reason #2: He enjoys feeling wanted

Just like you, your husband wants to feel … well, wanted by you. Meaning, he wants to know you are as attracted to him as he is attracted to you.

He can know you want him in a variety of ways like by you saying how handsome he is, telling him how much you love him, hugging him and kissing him; but, like most men, the way that he can really know you want him is by having sex with him. Your husband will attribute you being willing to be intimate with him to you thinking he is attractive and truly loving him.

Reason #3: It’s more than a physical act

Again, this may come as a surprise, but because you are his wife and not some random chick, sex for him is way beyond just the physical act itself. To him, sex is now making love, a way to connect with you both physically and emotionally.

He wants to satisfy you as much as he wants you to satisfy him, and he feels immense joy when you can both enjoy sex together.

Reason #4: He enjoys it more now than when you were newlyweds

Sometimes as women we begin to have certain insecurities the longer we are married. We think to ourselves, “Am I still attractive?” “Have I lost my mojo?” “I don’t have the same body I did when we were first married … Does he still want me?”

The truth is he probably wants you more now than he ever has. This is because you have spent significant time together experiencing things he has never experienced with anyone else. His love has grown deeper and more intimate; so, in turn, making love to you is now a deeper and more intimate experience than when you were first married.

Reason #5: He loves you

This reason can be found throughout all of the other reasons; still, it is the most important one to mention and the most obvious.

Your husband enjoys having sex with you because he loves you so much and he wants to show it. He will obviously try to show it in many different ways, and physical intimacy is one of them. For him, it is a time for just you two, a time to connect with you and renew your love.

Whatever the reasons are behind men liking sex so much, for your husband, the real reason he enjoys having sex is because he gets to have it with his wonderful and beautiful wife.


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