Why Are Parenting Styles Important?

Why Are Parenting Styles Important?



parenting styles important

Are Parenting Styles Important? Parents have different parenting styles. Do parenting styles really matter? What is the effect of parenting styles on child development?

As parents, our aim is to raise our children to become healthy, well rounded and successful adults. Isn’t this your aim?

Every child is unique and different from the other, thus your parenting journey with each child is unique and distinct too.

There are no restrictions to parenting rules but these set of laid down rules will definitely be deviated from  at some point in your parenting journey. So don’t expect to implement these rules to the letter.

parenting styles important

What type of parent are you?

The type of parenting you portray influences your child a lot. Different types of parenting exists. Knowing the type you depict will help you monitor your child effectively and you might need to make amends if you know the type of impact your parenting style has on your children,


If you are an excessively strict, least responsive, very demanding and no freedom parent, then you belong to this group. Parents in this category are very controlling and make high demands of their children but do not usually provide room for feedback and nurturance . It is good to be strict but to what extent and what effect does it have on your children?

Your children may become aggressive in an attempt to be mirror your behavior– children basically copy everything.

They can become fearful too because they want to avoid your punishment – this can make them become moody and even have low self-esteem.


Parents in this category are usually highly demanding of their children but also tend to balance it out by providing open lines for feedback and dialogue. Though most children may not appreciate it because their need for freedom and also, instant gratification. Once you make your children feel like their voice matters, they tend to go along with you, the parent because they know that in the end, it’s all for their good.


This category is made up of parents who are tolerant, lenient, approachable and not demanding.

They are easy going and open minded. Sometimes too much that the children may learn to take advantage of them.

It’s good to be open minded but what will your children turn out to be if some restrictions are not placed on some things?

Unconfident, demanding, self-involved and purposeless. Some children also learn to be manipulative especially when they don’t get what they want.


The uninvolved parenting style leaves the parent detached, very negligent, least demanding, careless and unconcerned.

It leaves a rejecting relationship with the children.

Children feel rude, are unpredictable worried and troubled and dependent.

When you know your parents are least concerned, you will feel troubled. Peer pressure may be very strong here.

What type of parenting style have you adopted?

What effects have you seen in your kids as a result of your parenting style?

It’s usually good to balance a few of these parenting styles so as not to stifle your child or produce needy children, but to bring up well rounded children who can handle whatever comes their way.

What parenting style is most common in your locality?


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