When Your Child Breaks Your Heart


Jon Brooks

When I asked an individual why they chose to have the number of kids that they have their answer was ‘having kids is like playing the lottery; you can’t win if you don’t play.’ They are hoping one of their kids grows up to be a doctor to take care of them in retirement.

If having kids is like playing the lottery then I know of parents who feel like they’ve lost.

Perhaps their kids have disowned their faith or disowned their family. Perhaps the kids have made foolish decisions that have cost the parents financially and emotionally. So what do you do when your child breaks your heart?

The best place to start is with prayer. Do some soul searching and ask God if any of the current dysfunction in your child’s life is a result of sin in your life. If so acknowledge it and repent. Ask your child for forgiveness and show maturity by reconciling your side of the relationship even if they continue in their painful behavior.

Next you should strive to have the posture of the father of the prodigal in Luke 15. Be committed to loving your child while not condoning their sin.

Whenever I’m faced with an unpleasant reality I remind myself: I don’t know the end of the story. Even though your child is breaking your heart now you don’t know the end of the story. We’re in this for eternity and who knows what God will do. Keep praying and be alert to the spiritual battle in their life. God loves your child even more than you do and he’ll stop at nothing to bring them back.


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