Unnecessary Spousal Agitation


It’s bedtime and a man and his pretty wife are in bed. The man is pensive, and has not talked to his wife since after watching his favorite football club play that night.

(Wife thinking…)
“Why is he not talking to me?”
“Is he thinking of another woman?”
“Is he seeing someone else?”

“Don’t I appeal to him anymore?”
“Is he trying to dump me?”
“Does he now find me ugly?”
“Does my makeup repel him these days?”
“He didn’t speak with me since he came in.”
“I know his mother does not like me. Maybe they are arranging another wife for him.”
“Is this how I will end up a single mother…?”
“God, please save my marriage.”

She musters courage and asks him, “Honey, why are you not talking to me? What did I do to deserve this?” Tears are rolling down her cheeks…

The husband turns and looks at her with his red eyes and angry face, and then angrily replies, “How on earth could Chelsea beat Man-U 4-0? And we had Rashford, Drogba and Ibrahimovic on the pitch!”

Sometimes women worry too much about NOTHING.


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