Two Words that Will Save Your Marriage


Nurturing Marriage


There are two little words that will save your marriage. You know what they are.

“I’m sorry.”

The phrase, “I’m sorry,” invites a healing balm between husband and wife. This balm, if applied often, will heal any wound, and bring spouses together in the heart-to-heart kind of love, and sharing, that marriage was meant to be.


It isn’t easy to say “I’m sorry,” to admit that you were wrong, or to admit that you said something you wish you hadn’t. “I’m sorry” requires each spouse to be humble, to look deep inside themselves, and to decide that what you share as husband and wife is more important than being right.

We all know when these words need to be said, but we usually don’t want to be the first one to say them. What are the reasons we avoid saying “I’m sorry?”

1. We are worried our ego will be crushed
2. We don’t feel sorry
3. Our feelings are hurt, and we want to wallow in our bitterness

The next time you and your spouse intentionally or unintentionally hurt each others’ feelings, step up and be the first to say “I’m sorry.” The magic in these words is that ONCE you actually say them, you begin to truly FEEL them. That is the magic of forgiveness. It is a beautiful thing, and it will bring you closer to your spouse.

“I’m sorry,” should OFTEN be accompanied by a long hug, a kiss, and perhaps a longer hug… 🙂

If your spouse apologizes to you first, make sure you echo back the fact that you are sorry too – even if you’re convinced that you have nothing to be sorry about. Let it go. Love your spouse more than the disagreement. Love your spouse more than being right. Love your spouse enough to say, “We are more important than whatever caused friction between us.”

“I’m sorry.” Magic words. Give them a try. You can’t go wrong.


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