This is How Married People Text And Why


The other day I sat down to write an article about the importance of texting in marriage. I was originally thinking along the lines of “100 romantic texts to send your spouse,” or something like that. About two seconds later I thought to myself, “Who am I kidding?! Time to keep it real!”

While the mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey romantic texts are awesome and always encouraged, let’s talk about how married people really text and why. I asked for screenshots of REAL texts between husbands and wives, and you delivered.

As I laughed my way through most of these texts, it really helped me to remember a few key take-aways about texting in marriage.

1. Texting is a GREAT form of communication between husbands and wives. Of course texting shouldn’t replace phone calls and face-to-face talk rituals, but texting sure helps to keep couples connected, and laughing, and flirting, and sharing…and you get the picture.

2. Texting is especially important for those husbands and wives whose love language = words of affirmation.

3. Texting can accomplish many different purposes, eight of which I have pointed out below. (FYI – Humor isn’t listed because that is a GIVEN!)


8 Reasons Husbands & Wives Text Each Other

1. To ask for something.

2. To express deep, real needs.

3. To offer encouragement and support.

4. To keep things real.

5. To catch up on the day.

6. To apologize…or to just vent.

7. To flirt.

8. To say, “I love you.”

I want to know what your texts between you and your spouse REALLY look like! Please open up your texts and find a recent conversation between you and your spouse that is totally real, funny, flirty, or boring.


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