The Mind is YOUR Battleground (It’s Where the Greatest Conflict Resides)

The Mind is YOUR Battleground (It’s Where the Greatest Conflict Resides)


Angel Chernoff

It takes roughly 66 days to form a new habit. So for the next nine weeks, wake up every morning and look at the bright side of your life, and you will rewire your brain.

In other words, it’s time to practice thinking better. Let us show you how…

What you need to remember is that the mind operates like a muscle, and just like every muscle in the human body, it needs to be exercised to gain and maintain strength. It needs to be trained daily to grow and develop gradually over time. If you haven’t pushed your mind in lots of little, positive ways over the course of time, of course it’ll crumble on the inevitable days that get overwhelmingly stressful.

The most significant hidden benefit of exercising your mind and THINKING BETTER?

Renewing your trust in yourself, so you can LIVE BETTER.

In fact, what Marc and I lacked a decade ago when we were struggling to get our lives back on track was the trust that we were actually capable of achieving positive results in our lives. We had made so many little mistakes in the past, and had grown so discouraged in ourselves that we started subconsciously choosing procrastination and negativity over future attempts to fulfill the promises we made to ourselves.

In essence, we lost trust in both our abilities and ourselves. It’s kind of like another person constantly disappointing you—eventually you stop trusting them. The same holds true with the promises you make to yourself that always end in disappointment. Eventually, you stop trusting yourself.

And the solution in most cases is the same too: you have to renew your trust gradually, with small shifts in your thinking, small steps forward, and small victories. Of course, this process takes time, but it happens relatively fast if you stick to it. And it’s arguably one of the most important, life-changing things you can do for yourself.

Bottom line: The greatest conflict always resides in your mind first. You are what you think—you can’t change anything if you can’t change your thinking!

But, the good news is YOU CAN change your thinking!


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