The Culture of Your Marriage


The Gottman Institute

Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper. It has to do with building a life together—a culture rich with symbols and rituals, and an appreciation for your values and goals that lead you to understand who you are as a family.

Usually we think of culture in terms of large ethnic groups or even countries. But a culture can be created by two people who have agreed to share their lives.

According to William Doherty in The Intentional Family, couples establish a new culture when they come together, and the more intentional that culture is, the stronger the family ties become.

In essence, each couple and each family create its own microculture with customs, traditions, and stories. This culture incorporates both of their dreams, and it is flexible enough to change as they change over time.

The more shared meaning you can find, the richer and more rewarding your marriage will be.

Question of the day: How would you describe the culture of your marriage?


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