The Biggest And Most Hilarious Wedding Fails You’ll Ever See

The Biggest And Most Hilarious Wedding Fails You’ll Ever See


By Gail Preston

Weddings are an integral part of nearly every culture in the world. Though traditions, outfits, and music may change depending on where and who you are, the one constant is that this is meant to be the bride and groom’s happiest day of all. In the U.S., typically you have a wedding party that includes bridesmaids and groomsmen, who are chosen by the couple in order to help celebrate their special day. Sometimes, things can get a little crazy when it comes to the groomsmen’s antics or bridesmaids’ outfits. These are some of the most hysterical wedding fails compiled.

That Outfit Is A Choice

For some people, walking down the aisle is the most exciting part of being at the wedding party. It means that the happy couple value and cherish your friendship so much that they want to include you in their ceremony on their special day. That being said, some people may not actually deserve that opportunity, like this friend who chose to skate down the aisle with this outfit.

Coordination Is Key

Many brides and grooms choose a color scheme for their special day, making sure that everything matches nicely. However, some people take this tradition a little too far, and accidentally having way too much color coordination than is necessary, like these very yellow bride and her bridesmaids.Coordination Is Key

Who, Me?

It is quite common to choose a younger (sometimes much, much younger) member of the family to be the ring bearer. While this is always adorable, you typically run the risk of mishaps if you’re entrusting a thousand dollar ring to a toddler. Such was the case here, where this cute little guy flung the ring and pillow aside, leading to a panicked search for the ring.Who, Me?

Not Every Dress Is Equal

Although some brides mandate the exact dress that she expects her bridesmaids to wear, some brides are more lenient and simply ask the bridesmaids to choose a dress in the color of the bride’s choosing. Here, the bride thought she was being extra nice since these dresses can be arranged however the wearer chooses. Still, most people would prefer a more uniform look when it comes to the same dress.Not Every Dress Is Equal

They’ll Regret This Later

When choosing a wedding dress, as well as bridesmaids’ dresses, many brides make the mistake of choosing a date that is very typical of the current fashion. While at the time of the wedding you’ll be at the top of the fashion game, years later you’ll look back on the photos and wondered why you chose those very 80’s puffy sleeves. Remember, classic is always better.They'll Regret This Later

Bridesmaids Or Ice Skaters?

When choosing bridesmaids’ dresses, there are many factors to take into consideration. Which color will look best on everyone while still fitting the wedding’s color scheme? Which cut will be flattering to every bridesmaid? However, sometimes no matter how much you think about it, you’ll still end up with dresses that look more appropriate for the ice skating championships rather than a wedding.Bridesmaids Or Ice Skaters?

I Avoca-do

Many times, brides and grooms choose to have a themed wedding photoshoot. Most of the time, they’ll go to the beach or somewhere visually appealing. Other times, people choose puzzling locations. Here it seems that the bride chose a farmer’s market, complete with a walnuts-for-sale sign and an avocado per bridesmaid.I Avoca Do

A Whole Flowerbed

This bride must absolutely adore flowers since she decided that the ones in her bouquet simply were not enough. She chose these specific bridesmaids’ dresses to enhance the amount of floral representation on her special day. When she the matching hats, she knew she had made the right choice. You can see that most of the bridesmaids are not too pleased with her decision.A Whole Flowerbed

So Many Questions

This bride must completely hate her bridesmaids, otherwise, we’re not really sure why she would select these outfits for them. We’re really not sure what they’re hiding in their hands inside the giant mono-mittens, but it looks really strange. The matching fuzzy hat and fuzzy collar truly round out the strangeness of these outfits.So Many Questions

Flowers On Flowers

We all know about the flower children of the 1960s, but we didn’t know that they took things this far. These bridesmaids are exuding flower power from their floral dresses to their flowery bouquets, right down to the little girls’ flowery bonnets. We’re surprised that the bridesmaids’ hats are floral as well.Flowers On Flowers

Total Eclipse Of The Hair

There’s just something about the fashion of the ’80s that really does not hold up well, especially when it comes to the voluminous hair and exaggerated hairpieces. This bride and her bridesmaids are wearing the quintessential fashion from the decade of big hair, and we’re absolutely certain they’re fully regretting it now.Total Eclipse Of The Hair

A Modest Affair

Many brides choose to have an extravagant dress as well as fancy bridesmaids’ dresses. For other brides, that seems to be a gaudy and immodest thing to do. Instead, this bride opted for the latest in Mormon chic, complete with vests and kerchiefs for her bridesmaids.A Modest Affair

We Can’t Stop Staring

Some brides feel that because this is their special day, they want to stand out and wow their guests with a gorgeous dress that they can’t take their eyes off of. In this case, the bride definitely chose that dress, but not for herself. These neon bridesmaids’ dresses were certainly the talk of the town.We Can't Stop Staring

Extra Curtains

Do it yourself, or DIY, weddings are becoming more and more popular, as they are a great alternative for extravagant and extremely expensive weddings. Typically, the bride and groom will make their own centerpieces and decor. Here, the bride decided to use some old curtains she had lying around the outfit her bridesmaids on the cheap.Extra Curtains

Matchy Matchy

When it comes to bridesmaids’ outfits, one of the most common characteristics of these outfits will be that all of the bridesmaids match. Some brides will allow for individual touches, but in some cases, such as this one, every single detail must be matching, down to the bouquet and frilly hats.Matchy Matchy

Wedding Crashers Beware

Some brides are absolutely not messing around when it comes to wedding crashers. We understand, as planning a wedding is no simple feat. This bride wanted the message to be loud and clear: we do not welcome any uninvited guests here. Honestly, we’re not sure we’d be comfortable going even if we were invited.Wedding Crashers Beware

A Little Bit Scandalous

While some brides want to keep their wedding and photos classy and modest, others are not afraid to show a bit of personality. This bride decided to have some fun along with her bridesmaids. They definitely had a ball posing in many silly poses, as well as this slightly scandalous (but still fun) pose.A Little Bit Scandalous

Have A Holly Jolly Wedding

When it comes to themed weddings, a lot of people choose to have their wedding coincide with Christmas. There’s nothing like the magic of this day, and what is better than coordinating the wedding party’s outfits for the holiday. These outfits ensured that they all had a jolly good time.Have A Holly Jolly Wedding

Count Chocula Inspired

A lot of times, couples will choose their wedding theme in order to reflect the parts of popular culture they are most passionate about. This is how Star Wars and Harry Potter-themed weddings have come about. This wedding was inspired by the couple’s favorite cereal mascot, Count Chocula. Do we wonder if those capes smell like cocoa?Count Chocula Inspired

Pretty In Pink

Just because this wedding part includes a huge amount of people, it did not mean that the bride was letting the bridesmaids off easily. She has always known that she wanted these specific puffy-sleeved pink dresses for her future bridesmaids. We have to admit, the zoomed-out photo does look cool with the coordinated ‘fits.Pretty In Pink

Queen Of My Heart

This bride always knew that she wanted to incorporate her love of Alice in Wonderland into her wedding. When she stumbled upon her bridesmaids’ dresses, she knew that she had found the perfect way to pay tribute to her favorite character, the Queen of Hearts.Queen Of My Heart

Wedding Barbie

This bride was absolutely sure of her desired color scheme for her wedding, even though her husband was not so keen on her choice. He tried to point out to her that everyone will end up looking like Barbie dolls, but he could not get through to her. In the end, her husband was right, but the bride did not care one bit.Wedding Barbie

Pepto Bridesmaids

What do you get when you cross the Flying Nun with a bottle of Pepto Bismol? That’s right, you get these very specific bridesmaids’ outfits. To be fair, we think that these dresses do look quite comfortable, so at least that.Pepto Bridesmaids

Baby Got Back

When it comes to the wedding photo shoot, there are so many different routes to go down. Some brides choose an elegant setting, while others choose a more fun location and theme. This bride definitely chose the latter, and her bridesmaids were so glad she was willing to have fun and be silly with the photos.Baby Got Back

Wedding Belles

Some traditions will never die out, especially when it comes to wedding traditions in the South. You’ve heard of Belles of the Ball, well this is Belles of the Wedding Bells.  These bridesmaids look happy in the photo, but we know that they are secretly hating on the overly ruffled dresses.Wedding Belles

Why The Hats?

When it comes to outdated wedding fashion, these bridesmaids dresses aren’t even that bad. This bride actually did an okay job, all things considered. Where she went wrong was with the inclusion of those hats. We’re not sure why she selected them, but they definitely look outdated and ridiculous.Why The Hats?

Rainbow Ladies

We all know that color coordination is important when it comes to weddings and the outfits chosen for that day. However, someone probably should have intervened when the bride decided that she wanted a rainbow of dresses for her bridesmaids. Color coordination is one thing, but a whole rainbow is just way too much.Rainbow Ladies

A Parade Of Bridesmaids

Is this Mardi Gras, Carnivale, or just a wedding? We’re really not sure about this one. However, the fact that there’s a bride there might tell us that this is not a parade but just a wedding procession with very unfortunate dresses that look like they belong in New Orleans during Fat Tuesday.A Parade Of Bridesmaids

Daisy Overload

We get it, this bride absolutely adores daisy flowers. She could have just included them in her bouquet, or even kept those flower crowns (which we admit are cute). However, it looks like a giant daisy threw up all over these poor bridesmaids. It doesn’t even look cool for the photo, it’s just overwhelming for the eyes.Daisy Overload


This bride grew up loving The Little Mermaid and always knew that she wanted to incorporate it into her wedding somehow. However, when she found the perfect dress, she felt it was not mermaid-y enough. Her solution? The bridesmaids’ dresses. Hence, these mermaid-esque dresses were chosen.Mer Bridesmaids

A Golden Opportunity

Sometimes, you see the dresses a bride selects for her bridesmaids and you really wonder whether she likes them or not. These dresses look like a cross between aluminum foil that’s been painted gold and cheap Christmas wreaths. We think this bride took this as a golden opportunity to embarrass some of her friends.A Golden Opportunity

Not On The Dress!

Many couples feel that their wedding day would not be complete without the inclusion of their fur babies. In many cases, having the dogs around means adorable photo ops, but sometimes, the dogs become overwhelmed with too many people around, leading to accidents like this one.Not On The Dress!

Awkward Length

The eternal question: floor-length or mini dress? This question has plagued women for decades. Usually, when a bride chooses bridesmaids’ dresses, she will choose a floor-length dress that will compliment her own floor-length dress. This time, the bride decided to go with mini dresses and ended up with a very awkward result.Awkward Length


Nothing says “welcome to my wedding” like two-toned neon dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids. While these dresses are certainly attention-grabbing, that may not necessarily be a good thing. People are definitely looking, but not for the right reason.Attention Grabbing

What Is Going On Here?

When it comes to wedding photoshoots, sometimes the intended idea does not come through. Unless these bridesmaids were genuinely looking at something interesting, we think that this photo turned out pretty awkward.What Is Going On Here?

The Age Of Aquarius

Here we see yet another example of the flower children influencing fashion and even reaching the world of wedding attire. These bridesmaids look like they’re reading to support their friend or star in the hit Broadway show Hair.The Age Of Aquarius

The Dresses Match The Curtains

While some brides choose to repurpose old curtains they have lying around the house, others utilize what they’ve got on hand at the wedding reception hall. Extra curtains? Don’t need ’em! This bride a perfect opportunity to use this fabric for a much better purpose.The Dresses Match The Curtains

Pastel Vampires

You know when you’re in the mood for dressing like a vampire, but don’t want to scare people away? These dresses are perfect for just that occasion. Nothing says night-dweller like a cape, and in a range of pastel colors, you can easily dress it down so you’ll be ready for any bridesmaids duties.Pastel Vampires

Little Bo Bridesmaids

Who doesn’t remember the adorable children’s nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep? Most of us who grew up hearing this little ditty often pictured her wearing a dress that looked a whole lot like these bridesmaids’ dresses. The parasol just takes the look to the next level. All they’re missing is the shepherd’s staff and they’re good to go.

Little Bo Bridesmaids

A Polkin’ Good Time

Polka dots are always a bold fashion choice. Whenever considering an all-polka dot ensemble, you must always be fully prepared to commit. This bride has great friends that not only agreed to wear these polka dotted bridesmaids dresses, but are smiling for the photos.A Polkin' Good Time


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