Pretty Househelp Palava — Housemaids in Lagos

Pretty Househelp Palava — Housemaids in Lagos

Housemaids in Lagos


Henry ‘Taiye’ Nwosu

Okay, ….there’s something that happened in my home that I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I choose to call it “Fine House helps wahala.”

One of the many “agents” who refer nannies and/or domestic helps called to say he was bringing a propspective domestic assistant upon our previous request.

So they arrived on this beautiful but sunny Tuesday mid-afternoon. My very lovely wife alerted me at the arrival of the agent and the girl.

Over time both of us have unconsciously formed an interview/recruitment panel for such purposes. Of course, she leads the panel.

I made straight for the living room to conduct the recruitment exercise.

Immediately I stepped into the living room, she stood up to greet in their usual bow that comes with good morning sir. I was taken by her physical beauty.

Simply put, she is tall, slim, fair, and really beautiful. Honestly speaking, I thought she was just some lady who accompanied the agent or perhaps, a young looking friend of my wife who coincidentally “showed up”.

But then there was no other person in the living room so she had to be the one. Unlike others that we had encountered, She didn’t have the “house help” look (if you understand what I mean). She looked like she was in her early twenties (I guess no more than 22 if you ask me).

“MBA OOO!!!!!, she can’t be here!!!!!!!!” That was my father who came visiting. He appeared whilst we were still exchanging pleasantries and about to start the interview and tactfully pulled my wife aside and gave his express opinion on the matter.

My wife relayed the same message to me and in an instant became very supportive of daddy’s view.

So I started thinking….I thought physically, I had no problem with the girl but then “Who am I” in this matter?

So I asked her why so and she said that “She wore skin tight leggings to see her proposed employer…… her eyes go don open”. (Implying that she’s already very self aware and might be difficult to instruct).

My wife accepted that the girl seemed humble and responsible but then she casually added “she’s too beautiful to be doing this type of job sef”. And then it hit me…that’s the real reason. And she continued, “I don’t want someone that’ll be tempting my husband”.

Funny as she might have made it sound, SHE WENT THERE!!! Me ke? How could she think I’d be tempted to fall by another lady who’s not her, impossible? My wife said, “Abeg leave that matter…it’s better to run away from stories that’ll make Nollywood seem like immature.”

I was amazed. How could my friend and now, wife of almost four years (at the time) think that way of me. That I could be “tripped” by another lady? Na real waaa. Nothing could change my wife’s perception about the matter.

She would always say that she trusts me, but today, she just wanted to leave that trust alone and not give the devil any opportunity.

In another but similar news, my other colleague at work, Bankole (not real name), whose wife was travelling to Port Harcourt from Lagos took their domestic assistant with her.

Another lady called her agent to replace hers, her only reason was that she had become very beautiful even though she seemed a hard worker, while another changed her domestic staff’s wardrobe because she thought her clothes were accentuating her curves.

Truly, the case in my home is not an exception and I am not alone in this domestic staff/Oga potential seduction saga. It seems like a man’s cross for our women to think that falling for another lady irrespective of duty or status is imminent especially if she’s got noticeable assets.

So, would you accept a pretty house help? Or would you be like my wife who feels accepting a pretty house help means giving the devil an opportunity? If not, why wouldn’t you accept a pretty house help? Is it a case of trust issues or are women being threatened?



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