Nagging Wife


A man wakes up early one morning and says to his wife: “Would you like to join me for jogging?”

Wife: “Ohh. So you mean I am fat?”

Hubby: “No, jogging is good for health.”

Wife: “Oh, that means I am sick.”

Hubby: “No, no. If you don’t want to get up, then it’s OK.”

Wife: “So now you think I am lazy, ha?”

Hubby: “Nooo, you are misunderstanding me. I didn’t mean….”

Wife: “Aha! So I don’t understand you because I’m an illiterate, right?”

Hubby: “Now look, I didn’t say that.”

Wife: “So am I lying? ”

Hubby: “I beg you, please don’t stretch it the morning.”

Wife: “Oh, so I am a quarrelsome nag, abi?”

HUBBY: “OK, OK! You go off to sleep. I am going jogging alone… Happy now?”

Wife: “You always go alone everywhere and enjoy yourself.”

Hubby: “Please, please, I am feeling giddy now.”

Wife: “See? You are so selfish. Always think of yourself alone. You never think of my health.”

Grrrrrr… Husband is sitting and thinking where he went wrong.

Dedicated to all married men..Thank you for always being patient with your wives……


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