Money Management For Couples

Money Management For Couples

Money Management for Couples


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Newlyweds are a happy lot, and they may know a lot about love. But there’s one thing they really don’t know, and that’s money management for couples. And money and couples just don’t get along unless there’s a clear understanding of finances in marriage.

Rick and Rachael. They were the definition of rugged manliness and drop-dead gorgeous looks in their college years.

Rick was the kind of guy all girls yearned for. Popular, compassionate, understanding, good looking… pretty much the guy any girl would want to spend the rest of her life with.

Rachael possessed the kind of looks that left many men in awe as she passed by. She was a perfect match of beauty and brains, and the kind of girl any man would want to take home to his mother.

As destiny would have it, Rick and Rachael fell head over heels in love and began dating each other. Life had never been better.

It was all about having fun, lots of celebrations and anniversaries, splurging on expensive gifts and parties, concerts and regular trips to the cozy coffee shop by the corner. And the insatiable thirst to talk to each other for long hours over the telephone, without any consideration of the mounting bills.

This was the life… the perfect life of Rick and Rachael.

Their friends were green with jealousy, but they couldn’t stop admiring the flamboyant extravagance of this love struck couple. Life for this couple had never been so thrilling, and cupid’s smile had never been so wide, the trees never seemed greener, the birds never so enchanting, and the rains never as romantic. Aah, it was truly amore straight out of the records of Dean Martin!

Their love story led them to commit to each other with vows of marriage, and thus, the lovely doves cooed together in a romantic wedlock.

They prepared themselves to live happily ever after, to realize their dreams of blissful togetherness. Locked in each other’s arms all the time, it was hard to stay apart from each other even as they had to go their separate ways and leave for work. In the evenings, they would shop together to give themselves the perfect home.

From crystal wares to a swanky refrigerator and other “apparently” basic necessities, it was great buying things together as newlyweds. The ecstatic feeling of the new freedom of being able to do whatever they wanted, without having their parents looking over their shoulder was intoxicating. They lay down in each other’s arms every night and gushed to each other about how happy they were. The newlyweds were pretty much inebriated with love.

The loving couple who had evaded the evil step mother, in their courting days were soon at her mercy. She struck the lives of this loving couple in the guise of Money. Soon the fairy tale became a nightmare.

The giddy rush of passionate love was forgotten, as the seeds of their extravagant expenditures showed up in the bills of Rick. What was shocking was that their extravagance was more than a couple of months’ salaries of both their earnings! Drastic measures were called for. But could they actually change their entire lifestyle just because of one big bill, it’s just this first month because we moved in, thought Rachael.

Is this story a page out of your life? Read on to learn more about newlyweds and money management, and also understand what you can do if your wife or husband is spending too much money.


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