Men reveal 14 things they secretly do (and NEVER tell their wives)

Men reveal 14 things they secretly do (and NEVER tell their wives)


Does your husband secretly do these things?

By Melinda Fox

We’ve all felt at times like no one notices us or cares about us, but sometimes we need to look a little closer.

On a Reddit thread, hundreds of men revealed things they do for their wives in secret. These aren’t grand gestures with long-stem roses and candlelit dinners, but subtle acts of selflessness that go unnoticed by their wives.

Even though they’ll never admit it to their wives, 14 men reveal things they do for their darling:

1. He secretly eats so she loses more weight than him

“My S.O. is trying to lose a few pounds before our wedding. I’ve always been really skinny, no matter what I eat, and she’s kind of jealous. I’ve been secretly eating like 3 candy bars a day for the past six months so that I don’t lose any more weight because we’re eating healthy. I can feel my teeth rotting.”

2. He buys stuff for “himself”

“I’ll buy her a piece of chocolate or something as we walk by a place, and say it is for me, then tell her how I’m too full for it, and that she can have it. When in all actuality, I don’t like whatever I just bought, but she always feels guilty when I buy her things.”

3. He asks her stylist to tip him off so he always notices her haircut

“I have a standing tip with her hairstylist. They call me when she sneaks in for small touch-ups and changes that I might normally miss. I truly appreciate all the effort she puts into herself, and so when she does, I want to be sure I know to look a little closer and tell her how beautiful she is.”

4. He warms her side of the bed

“On cold nights, while she brushes her teeth, I lay on her side of the bed under the covers and make snow angels so that it’s nice and warm when she gets in.”

5. He’s mean to the cats

“I am a jerk to my cats so they’ll be around my wife more. For a little clarification, I’m not beating the cats. But I ignore them and do the … pet owner jobs (force-feeding medicine, giving ear drops, clipping nails). I tell my wife I don’t mind, but really I just want her to think she’s their favorite.”

6. He gives her the best of everything

“I round off life in her favor. Hard to explain, but it’s a little of everything. Better slice of pizza, a glass of soda that’s a little more full, etc. Usually, stuff she doesn’t even notice.”

7. He tells his daughter to give compliments

“I have always somewhat secretly taught my daughter, since she’s been old enough to talk, to say what I tell her to say to my wife … The best was the very 1st one, ‘I love you sooo much, Mommy.’ Hearing that from a 1-year-old is an amazing thing.”

8. He pretends she’s the first one to tell him news

“She likes to send me funny or interesting things. Even though I’ve usually seen them, I always act like I’m seeing it for the first time because it makes her happy to share stuff with me.”

9. He chooses not to be bothered by his pet peeves

“I’ve stopped correcting her when she misuses ‘literally.'”

10. He heats up her towel

“Well, during the winter I throw her towel in the dryer while she is showering. Then I place it back on the rack and she gets out to a warm towel instead of being cold.”

11. He learned to braid hair

“My wife hated fixing our daughter’s hair every morning, so I took over. I taught myself how to braid by watching YouTube tutorials and I’m proud to say that I’m pretty good at it.”

12. He leaves money around the house

“I sometimes leave money around the house just to see (her) reaction as she excitedly screams, ‘Look what I found!'”

13. He helps her remember

“I will grab her phone and put it in her purse if I see she is forgetting it as we leave.”

14. He does the left-handed Sudoku puzzles

“We have a book of Sudoku puzzles in the bathroom. I only do puzzles on the left. We’re both right-handed.”


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