Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria


Here are the leading causes of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in Nigeria and most countries. The problem is quite widespread so it is better to know the main reasons, and maybe this will help to avoid such anathema at home.

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

The list of domestic violence causes

The main causes of domestic violence in Nigeria. Let’s consider each of them in detail:

1. Traditional beliefs

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Unfortunately, according to some of traditional beliefs women have fewer rights than men. That is why in some families with traditional beliefs we can often see cases of domestic violence. This cause of domestic violence is still widespread even in this modern time.

2. Psychological disorder or personality disorder

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

There are many cases when people in the family even don’t know that one of their relatives has some psychological disorder, and this disorder can be the cause of violence. Because of poverty, many people can’t consult with a psychiatrist, or even seek counseling because of ignorance or spurious inhibitions, and many disorders remain without diagnosis. Due to such disorders, people can be very aggressive and dangerous not only to their family but society as a whole.

3. Family traits

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Domestic violence effects are very deplorable. The perpetrator could be aggressive if he or she was the victim or witness of violence in childhood. The child just can learn or imbibe this deplorable model of behavior while growing up in the family with violent parents or other relatives. This is a way of transferring violent behavior through the generations.

4. Alcohol or narcotics abuse

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Because of excessive alcohol consumption and narcotics abuse, people are more often involved in violent behavior. The people who take alcohol or narcotics do not control their violent impulses. Unfortunately, alcohol or narcotics abuse is very widespread in Nigeria. Domestic violence occasioned by this abuse is therefore quite common.

5. Unemployment and economic hardship

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Economic problems increase the level of stress and aggression, often leading to domestic violence. A high level of unemployment contributes to quarrels and quarreling in families. In the situations of accumulated stress due to lack of money, such quarrels often end in  violence.

6. Jealousy

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

Excessive suspicion, distrust, and jealousy often lead to violence. This is often evident in young families. Feelings such as jealousy invariably lead to irritability, and the consequence is usually irrational aggression.

7. Anger

Major causes of domestic violence in Nigeria

The causes of domestic violence are numerous, and the last but not the least is anger. Anger among people in a family or between a couple often appears for many reasons. Unfortunately it can lead to the violence. The misunderstanding, quarreling, and lack of mutual respect are all factors which contribute to an increase in the level of anger in the family.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of domestic violence causes. We have only just highlighted the main causes of this notorious problem. We hope that research and understanding of the nagging problem of domestic violence will help to eradicate its causes.


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