Love is a journey, not a destination…


Kyle Benson

Love is a journey, not a destination…

Unfortunately, many of us stop exploring on our journey of love and find ourselves stranded. After one year, seven years, or maybe after a decade of relationship together, we find ourselves having to pull over to the side of the road. Seemingly, our tank is empty; we’ve run out of gas:

    • “We don’t have interesting conversations and I’m not sure how to spark that. I don’t know how to get back to where we were when we first met.”
    • “I’ve been married for 15 years and my husband says he isn’t “in love” with me and feels we are roommates. How can we reconnect?”
    • “My wife and I express ourselves completely differently so we have a hard time understanding each other.”
    • “Since I don’t feel emotionally connected with him, I struggle to want to connect with him sexually.”

Telltale Signs of Weak Emotional Connection Traits of a Strong Emotional Connection
Weak emotional connection comes from getting stuck on relationship obstacles, like:

  1. Sinking in Quicksand: You’re slowly sinking and desperately in need of attention from your partner. Instead, you feel invisible, lonely, and scared in your relationship. No matter what you try, it seems you just sink deeper and further away from your partner.
  2. Never Ending Thunderstorm: Your partner is critical of you. You feel like nothing you do is ever right to them. It feels like the sun never comes out, and what you need right now to get by, is just a little light.
  3. Blown Tire: The car of your relationship has blown a tire, but instead of repairing the tire you start arguing with each other about whose fault it was.
  4. Frozen: Your sex life is practically frozen or, perhaps, completely non-existent. There’s no emotional warmth in your relationship.
  5. No Shelter in the Storm: You’ve got work stress, health issues, or other life stressors. You feel your partner doesn’t care—about these problems, or even about you. You feel emotionally abandoned.
Strong emotional connection leads to the following experiences, on your journey together:

  1. Adventure Buddy: When something comes up, you know your partner’s got your back. You’re teammates, not antagonists, against any problems in your relationship.
  2. More Sunshine: Sure, you have rainy days together, but you and your partner are affectionate, understanding, and can even laugh during conflict. This is because your relationship’s built on strong emotional connection.
  3. Repair Flat with a Spare: When something goes wrong in your relationship, you focus on finding solutions; on repairing the problem; on getting back on the road to lasting love.
  4. Cozy Fires and Snuggles: When you have sex, it’s like cuddling near a fire with your lover. There’s an emotional warmth that makes romance last through difficult times, during life stressors, and through major life changes.
  5. A Safe Shelter: You feel intimately known by your partner and deeply loved. When together, it feels like home.

It’s not obstacles that cause a relationship to fail. It’s actually the lack of strong emotional connection with your partner.


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