Look Back on Your Wedding Day

Look Back on Your Wedding Day


By The Marriage and Family Clinic

Your Wedding day was just the beginning of your adventure!

And it is always good practice to look back to where you came from and where you started. Life together can be messy and having a partner in life can be challenging. If you have been married for a while, you may have learned to ignore some things or you have started to build resentment. 

Without a doubt, your wedding day was special and both of you were wide-eyed for the adventure ahead! So how about going back and reminiscing about the day and the babies you were back then. 

This week take some time to look back on your wedding day. Pull out your picture album and reminisce, laugh and, maybe, shed some tears.

*What is something you loved about your wedding day?
**What is something you would go back and change?


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