My wife and I were having a serious quarrel when I said to her, “Pack your things and …..” At that point her phone rang so I had to stop for her to receive the call. It was her dad.

The phone was on speaker so I could hear what he was saying. After the usual pleasantries between father and daughter, he said, “My daughter, I have transferred N6,000,000 into your account. Give your husband N4,000,000 out of it. You can have the balance. I am sending a brand new Toyota Landcruiser SUV to you and your husband for family use.”

After the goodbyes the call ended, and she turned to me immediately, “You said I should pack my things and do what…….. ?”

I answered, “I SAID, PACK YOUR THINGS AND GIVE THEM TO ME TO WASH. I will iron them when we have light.”


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