Is He Your Soulmate?

Is He Your Soulmate?


A soulmate can be your lifelong best friend.

By FamilyToday

The dictionary describes a soulmate as a person with whom you share a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond. There is a powerful bond that ties you two together. A soulmate will understand you and offer you unconditional love and acceptance. Most women dream of finding soulmate love, but it can be hard to determine if you’re dating your soulmate. Research shows that men also value the idea of meeting their soulmates.

Soulmate relationships involve a deep connection. Even when the two soulmates are separated, that connection remains strong. When you find your soulmate, this person will accept you, support you, and help you be your best self. Some people don’t necessarily believe in the idea of soulmates and say that they don’t exist. It is hard to prove that soulmates exist scientifically, but some concepts from the concept of a soulmate are relevant to real-world love. When you’re looking for a soulmate, you can seek qualities that suggest someone is your soulmate. If you’re looking for a common acceptance of who you are, you can enjoy what most people consider to be a soulmate relationship.

You can also build a soulmate connection over time if you make an effort to be vulnerable with your partner and keep the romance alive. Creating this connection will require ongoing commitment, support, and love, especially when the relationship gets complicated. A recent survey found that more than half of the adults in the United States believe in the idea of a soulmate. So how do you know if you’re dating your soulmate? Here are some ways that you can tell if he’s “the one.”

You Can Be Honest With Him

You can be completely honest with him and trust him. You also don’t feel like you have to hide any parts of yourself to please him. You’re comfortable with being completely open. Honesty is a significant component of any relationship because being honest with your partner is the ultimate sign of respect. It shows that you love your person enough to tell them the truth, even when it could hurt them.

You Feel Safe With Him

You feel a sense of security whenever you’re around him. You feel like he could protect you from anything. You won’t ever be fearful or worried because he’s your protector. Safety is another significant factor when looking for a soulmate because you must feel safe with your partner. Whenever an issue arises, you should be able to look to your partner for protection and safety.

You Can Be Vulnerable With Him

You feel like you can be vulnerable with him and show him the ugly parts of you. Even when you offer those nasty parts, he still loves and accepts you. Being vulnerable with your partner also means that you won’t be scared to vent to him or cry over something that upset you. You know you’re safe expressing your emotions with him. Being vulnerable with your partner is important because you should tell your feelings without feeling judged.

You Can Work Through Tough Times With Him

The two of you can work through tough times in the relationship without giving up. Both of you want to be together and are willing to put forth the effort to stay together. Even when you have an argument or go through a rough patch, you don’t feel forced to call it quits. Working through tough times is essential for any relationship because it shows the commitment that you both have to the connection. The relationship means so much to you that you want to explore every avenue before walking away.

You Feel Like He Challenges You

Any person that genuinely loves you should want the best for you. They want you to be the best version of yourself. If you have someone in your life that’s a pushover, it doesn’t help you or the other person. If he isn’t afraid to stand up for himself and shows you that he can push you to be your best self, you may have found your soulmate. It’s vital for him to feel like he’s part of a unity, not a dictatorship. Provided he doesn’t let you boss him around, being challenged by your partner is a good thing. On the other hand, being argumentative for no reason isn’t healthy for a relationship. There needs to be a healthy balance between the two.

You Are Truly Happy

Think about something that makes you happy. Imagine the feeling that you get in your stomach when you’re around that thing. If that entity happens to be the person you’re dating, he may be your soulmate. When you think about him, you get a feeling of joy that completely takes over you. However, make sure that you make them as happy as they make you. Love and happiness are two-way streets.

You Have the Same Core Values

In a healthy relationship, it’s vital to have the same core values and beliefs in life. You and your partner should discuss these values and beliefs early on in the relationship. That way, something significant doesn’t come up later on down the road when things are going well between you two. If you don’t mesh completely, that doesn’t automatically mean that you two should break up, but it helps that you two are on the same page about the big stuff. Having the same values and beliefs as your partner is important because if you want to get married and have kids, but your partner doesn’t want kids, that may cause issues later on.

Finding your soulmate is something that most women and men dream of happening. Having someone you feel like you can be completely yourself with and someone you trust can change your life. If the person you’re dating possesses all of these qualities, then you may have found your soulmate. However, if the person you’re dating doesn’t meet all of the markers, then that’s okay too. It may take some time for all of these qualities to show up. However, knowing whether someone is your soulmate or not is a gut feeling.


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