If Your Man Does These 6 Things He’s Playing You!

If Your Man Does These 6 Things He’s Playing You!



Farrah Gray

Ladies…Don’t OVERDOSE on a MAN to the point that you forget who YOU are. No Man is worth the DEATH of YOUR Identity! –Broderick Rice

Are you being pimped/controlled?

    • Your bank account is not what it used to be. You are making the same, but now you are buying groceries or take out for two, spending money on gifts and buying more clothes to keep him looking good. In a real relationship, that shouldn’t be happening. Costs should be shared or he should cover all the bills.

African American couple in a martini bar.MAn talking on cell phone while the woman sits by annoyed and bored

Couple in a martini bar. Man talking on cell phone while the woman sits by annoyed and bored        

  • You are sacrificing your own goals and aspirations for his.Don’t do that. Areal man will support his woman’s career. And you have to ask yourself this question: Would he do the same for you? HELL NO!
  • There’s no time for hobbies or the things you used to like to do on your own or even with friends. You spend every waking moment when you are not on your job with him or doing things for him. That’s costly. Don’t let a relationship take away more than it gives.
  • Your future– Is he really worth all this attention? Is this the one who will be there for you through thick and thin?
  • if-your-man-does-these-6-things-hes-playing-you
  • You are tired more than usual. In addition to working, you are playing house (married or living together), so you are cooking for two, cleaning for two and doing laundry for two (maybe more if either of you have kids). That’s not fair. A compromise needs to be made so that you can continue to do your job well and also have time for yourself. You are not his maid. You’re his partner. It’s time for your boo to step up.Any relationship needs boundaries. Shared responsibilities and even costs are important to the success of a true romantic partnership. Don’t be the big spender at the cost of your individuality.

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