I Fell in Love with Another Man

I Fell in Love with Another Man


By Bible Love Notes

A couple of days ago, my husband and I celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary. In those 51 years of marriage, we’ve moved over 20 times. 

It’s helped us understand that Christians are aliens and strangers here on earth (Hebrews 11:131 Peter 2:11). 😊 And it’s made us keenly aware of the unique way God united our purposes as a couple.

Who but God could have worked with two people from such different backgrounds, giving us joy in our nomadic lifestyle together? Who but God could have kept us on track in our relationship?

Even if you’ve never been married, you can embrace the relationships God has placed in your life, especially family relationships. Just like marriage, every good relationship requires forgiveness, consideration, and love in order to grow and improve.

Sometimes we forfeit God’s purpose for our lives by giving up on our marriage, our parents, or our siblings. We fail to realize that the most difficult relationships often yield the greatest Christian maturity in our lives if we stick with them instead of taking the easy way out.

On September 5, 1970, a selfish unsaved 19-year-old woman married a selfish unsaved 20-year-old man. There really was no hope that our marriage would survive. But four years later, I met and fell in love with another Man named Jesus and, a few years later, my husband did the same. Jesus revolutionized our thinking and our marriage, and He can do the same with your difficult marriage or family relationships.

Jesus has taught us (and is still teaching us) how to genuinely love each other. We not only owe Him our lives and eternity, but we also owe Him our marriage. 


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