How to avoid adultery in your marriage

How to avoid adultery in your marriage

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Please note that you can avoid adultery. It is within your power to do it, if you really mean it.

Carelessness is one of the major causes of illicit affairs among married people, and not the devil in the real sense of it as many people always claim when they fall into error. So abide with the following simple rules and you will never be guilty of adultery…

  1. Never make a member of the opposite sex your best friend with whom you engage in intimate discussions.

  1. Never be with a member of the opposite sex at a time your spouse doesn’t know you are there.
  1. Never speak evil about your spouse in the presence of anyone. They will know you are not happy in your marriage and take advantage of that by showing you insincere affection. They will pretend to give you what you lack with your spouse and ultimately destroy you.
  1. Never visit a website you will not be proud to tell your children and wife/husband that you visited.
  1. Avoid keeping secrets from your spouse. Illicit AFFAIRS thrive in secrecy.
  1. Avoid confiding in people of the opposite sex; there should be somebody of your gender you can talk to. Don’t dig the grave of your marriage with your mouth.
  1. Avoid collecting unsolicited gifts and favour from the opposite sex. They are very likely to eventually ask for sex in return. Make no mistake about it, they are not Father Christmas!
  1. Avoid thinking that anybody is better than your husband or wife. You don’t know what their spouses are enduring at home. What you see outside is just showbiz; don’t be deceived. The grass is only greener in the other compound because it is far from you.
  1. Divert all your sexual fantasy towards your spouse. He or she is planted into your life to satisfy you and keep you holy.
  1. Always remember that whatever every woman or man has in his or her body, your spouse has it too and they are not different from each other. It is only faces that differ. The package is the same.
  1. Deal with any sexual thoughts that are not directed towards your spouse. Kill them before they kill you. Sexual error doesn’t begin in the bedroom,it begins in the heart.
  1. Before you travel, have sex with your spouse and put your mind to it that you will not have sex until you come back. That decision may save your life and destiny.
  1. Men, avoid looking at the front and back sides of ladies, imagining what is there. It is not only stupid but also childish and dirty to do that. It is called lust. What is there isn’t different from what your spouse has. Please don’t be stupid, Sir/Ma!
  1. Walk in the company of good and Godly men/women. If you keep company with adulterers, you will become adulterous.
  1. Discuss your sexual desires with your spouse and let them be met at home. Don’t hunt for something that will haunt you later and hurt you deeply tomorrow. Your wife/husband has the best. Get it at home!
  1. Fill your heart with the Word of God always. This will not give lust a chance in your mind.
  1. Always count the cost of adultery. Don’t just look at the pleasure, look at the pain also – the loss of integrity, how you will hurt your wife/­husband, your children, your friends and, above all, GOD the Almighty!
  1. Always remember that the enjoyment, pleasure and the thrills in sex are just eight seconds or less. It cannot be more than that, but its repercussions can last for eternity. Why trade eternity for mere eight seconds? hat wisdom is there in that? BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR SPOUSE AND YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.
  1. Pray regularly for your spouse and your marriage. It is well.

God bless your marriage and your precious home.

Please share this until it gets to all married couples. You may be saving a soul, a marriage, or even a family.


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