How Strong is Your Relationship? Take the Quiz…

How Strong is Your Relationship? Take the Quiz…


Kyle Benson

This quiz will determine if you and your partner truly meet each other’s needs.

Healthy and happy relationships despite setbacks or problems are built on a sturdy foundation of trust that keeps love strong. The secret to lasting love can be answered in one simple question: When shit happens, can you talk to each other and truly listen?

Does your partner stop and listen when you are hurting? Or do they say, “You’re acting needy. Stop being such a baby. Grow up.”

The willingness of both partners to connect is what makes relationships work. It’s about taking the concerns of your partner seriously and listening with empathy. That willingness builds trust.

“And trust is the No. 1 thing that makes a relationship work” – John Gottman

If you’re wondering if your relationship is destined to last a lifetime, then take the True Love Quiz below.

The first step to cultivating true love in your relationship is to understand what it looks like. Including all of its imperfections and complications. For free tips check out the healthy relationship articles here.

The second step is to honor and appreciate your relationship.

Far too often a person turns away from their partner and throws a healthy relationship in the trash.

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to love is the sense of entitlement that causes people to exit a relationship because they “deserve” the “perfect” soulmate.

They’re out there somewhere, right?

I don’t mean to be a dick, but they’re not.

There is no perfect relationship. Maybe your perfect relationship image comes from your parents’ marriage, Brad Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie or one you made up while watching porn.

But that relationship isn’t your relationship. And that’s a good thing. Someone else’s love story will never be yours. Your love journey will not be like any other couple’s, and that’s how it should be. 

True love that lasts a lifetime is woven from the fabric of  respect and understanding. It’s an acceptance of each other’s vulnerabilities and insecurities.It’s coming closer together during the hard times, even with each other.

All long-term, committed relationships hit bad patches. It’s normal and when we can accept the stupid mistakes and regrettable incidents we create, we can find ways to make it work. Because learning to cherish another person and allowing that person to cherish you is the greatest human experience of all.


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