Heart of the Problem


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Are You Tired of the Battle?

Do you have little hope things will ever change?

You Are Not Alone

Anger, jealousy, fear, bitterness–these are the emotions that wrench the human heart. As a result, our relationships suffer. Our nights are sleepless. And we become unhappy, tense, anxious, and miserable.

Perhaps you have been searching for a way to escape from your pain, anxiety, boredom, and remorse, but your misery continues.

Don’t Give Up

You may feel your situation is insurmountable. However, that’s not true. Be encouraged. Others have gone through similar struggles and won their battle.

You can experience true freedom if you are willing to deal with the heart of the problem.

Pride, anger, and denial separate people from the solutions and comfort they long for. By seeking God’s answer, even the most complex problems can be solved once and for all.

There Is Help

Dr. Henry Brandt has helped countless people from all walks of life find true freedom in their battle. As a biblical counselor with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Family Counseling, Dr. Brandt saw radical life transformation in counselees who were willing to apply biblical principles to their challenging circumstances. They came seeking ways to cope with their problems but left knowing God’s cure and complete healing.

Now Dr. Brandt offers you wisdom and comfort for a hard journey . . . and gives clear, lasting solutions for freedom. You can:

  • know joy instead of anger,
  • find peace in the midst of stress, and
  • experience a love that eliminates fear.

Face the Root Problem

The origin of all problems – family, finances, career, relationships – can all be traced back to a single source: life-dominating sin. No human remedy can cure it. But everyone can find victory over sin in the Word of God.

To see your sin is disturbing if you fight what you discover. However, if you admit wrong-doing and seek help from God, the result is not guilt but an overwhelming sense of forgiveness, cleansing, renewal, and peace.

God shapes and transforms the lives of sinners every day, turning them away from the world’s false counsel and flawed reasoning, toward the path of righteousness and ultimate victory.

The apostle Paul experienced trouble, perplexity, persecution, and rejection. All these were very real to him. But he also said there is a power that will enable a man to face such treatment without distress, despair, self-pity, or ruin. It is the power of God.

Yes, you can also have victory over life-dominating sin, based on two biblical principles remarkable in their simplicity:

  1.  There is no human remedy for sin.
  2.  The only cure for sin is in Christ.

Christ cleanses sin and invites you to walk in the Spirit. The antidote to sinful living is clear and abundant in God’s Word.


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