First Dates Are For Married COUPLES, Too!

First Dates Are For Married COUPLES, Too!


Aaron & April Jacob

Yes, you read that right. First dates are for married people, too. When we saw this idea from Kristina Kuzmic, we LOVED it, and knew we wanted to help all of you give this a go.

So, first – watch this short, hilarious, witty, and wise clip below.

Pretty awesome, eh?

And so so so good for nurturing your marriage!

Friends, if you have been married for longer than a year, then you need to try this creative idea – stat!

We’re going to help you make this happen, and make it a connecting, renewing, and fun experience for both of you.

So, how do you plan and carry out the best first date (again) with your spouse?

How to plan the perfect first date (idea thanks to Kristina & Phillip above!):

1. Decide to make this happen. 

Talk about it and decide on a date that will work. (We suggest doing this at least twice a year and taking turns planning it!) Now, it takes two for this to work. You both need to agree to play the part, and to get into this if you want to have tons of fun. So sit down and decide on a date that works and then decide to give jump in 100% and make this happen.

2. Plan the date.

Now, we are going to assume that you are the one taking the lead and planning this date. So, plan something awesome. Dinner is always a good first-date option, but so is paint-balling. Do something new! Remember, adrenaline-filled dates are only going to help with the attractiveness/romance factor, so be creative. If you need some help, look at these dates ideas for fallwinterspring, and summer and find something that would be perfect for your first date.

3. Ask your spouse out.

Go ahead. Call him or her up and ask them out. Just like you did on your first date. Let them know what to wear, what time you will be picking them up, and what you will be doing (unless it is a surprise!). Ask for their address and tell them you can’t wait to see them.

First dates are for married people, too! This is such a GOOD idea! I want to try this!

 4. Stay in character.

When the day and time for your first date arrives, go pick up your spouse! (Make sure you clean your car first!) Both of you ought to really take care in how you look and smell – this is a first date after all, and first impressions count. Stay in character and act as though you don’t know each other at all. Get her door. Use your manners. And ask questions! Make sure that outside observers would definitely guess you are on a first date, and not that you have been married for 27 years! This will be fun, we promise.

5. Communicate!

The best way for this date to go over smoothly is to start with the 36 Questions that Will Help You Fall in Love With Your Spouse Again and to answer them as though you don’t know each other – at all. Really get to know each other. On an intimate level. Find out everything you can about this person you are with (aka, your good-looking spouse). Ask follow up questions. Listen. And if you find yourself stuck on what to say, use some of these prompts.

6. Flirt.

Just as you would on a first date, flirt a little. Touch his arm, pay her a compliment, stare into each other’s eyes, and laugh. Playful, non-sexual touch is a must. Be yourself. Be positive. Be polite. And have fun. Finally, when you go to drop your date off, make sure there is a doorstep scene! Talk for awhile, and then go in for a kiss (You’re married – you can really go in for a kiss after this date!).

This formula is a guarantee for a fun night out as you strengthen your friendship, connect on a new level, and renew your feelings of love and romance for each other. And that formula is also a guarantee for a romantic evening together after your date (being married to your best friend rocks, we know).

We want to hear about your first dates, so share what you did and how they went below!

Happy dating!


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