Facts About Long-distance Relationships

Facts About Long-distance Relationships



How Long is the Distance?

Depending on what you refer to as long distance, expectations may vary. Some people consider living in different cities as long distance. In my opinion, if you can drive to someone at any given day or time, then your relationship is not really long-distance.

Couples who can spend every weekend together can thrive very easily as long as they are committed to each other. Being in a position to discuss things one on one is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

When Life Takes its Course:

Things happen in life forcing separation of two people who truly love each other. When one person travels to a distant land for whatever reason, the couple may manage to maintain their passion and love for an extended period of time.

Even with the distance between the two love birds, they can easily maintain intense passion and love for each other. Unfortunately because of lack of physical contact, long-distance relationships cannot be battle-tested.

Because majority of the problems are either ignored or not properly resolved, they begin to create an emotional gap to a point where the relationship just masquerades a real relationship.

Love is Present:

The fact is, real love requires time, commitment and contact with reality. A distant relationship is more like a suspended honeymoon with both lovers waiting for the verdict as to whether or not their boat will sink.

Unless there’s a strong plan on the drawing board backed by two disciplined individuals, long-distance relationships are not worth wasting time or energy on. The moment one boards a plane marks the beginning of the end to a love story.

The Battleship in Distant Relationships:

The number one killer of long-distance relationships is hearsay. Friends and family always have true and fabricated rumors cooking. Once the trust is broken, the bond goes down with it. Without trust, even the strongest cannot thrive.

Holding on to a long-distance relationship without any trust is the worst mistake anyone can make. Without emotional connection there can be no future. Disconnection in this area is a sign to move on with your life.

Communication plays a huge part too. Once the chemistry starts fading, which does happen because of lack of physical contact, the phone calls or text messages become minimal. Communication clearly becomes a burden.

Don’t Waste your Precious Time:

When days turn into weeks, months and eventually years, don’t look back. The pain is not worth revisiting. It’s like opening a healed wound. I know there are always chapters waiting to be written once that flight takes off.

But unless there’s a definite plan and minimal time frame away from each other, trying to build a long-distance relationship is like building castles in the air. There’s someone special for each and every one. However, if that someone is not right where you are, save yourself and keep it moving.

Inevitable Breakup: Who is to Blame?

When long-distance relationships fail to thrive, it is nobody’s fault. The distance just plays its role while fate opens fresh doors. Don’t miss out on the best things in life trying to focus on the rear-view mirror. Life is best lived forward because there are a lot of discoveries to explore.

Although these are facts about long-distance relationships, there are a few exceptions. Just like you are more likely to be struck by lightning than you are winning the lottery, few love birds do push it through.


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