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Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

Attention: According to a nationwide survey of marriage counseling professionals…

“It’s Estimated That Less Than 20% Of All Marriages
In The US Are Rated As ‘Happy’ And/Or ‘Secure’”

So Even Though 1 Out Of 2 Marriages End In Divorce,
Most Of Those Couples Who Stay Married Are Still Unhappy…

If this doesn’t alarm you… it should.

It means – statistically speaking – that the odds of your marriage being successful and happy in the long run are not in your favor.

And I’m guessing you wouldn’t be on this page if you were 100% happy with your marriage.

Your Marriage = Your Happiness

Your spouse is the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

Even your kids will move out around 18.

But your spouse… you’re together forever.

And even if you get divorced, the reality is that you’re likely to bring your current problems to the next relationship (just in different ways).

But It’s Not Your Fault

You read the statistic above.

If less than 20% of marriages are ‘happy’ then the odds are against you.

That means that everyone is facing the same challenges.

I sure know that our marriage was a mess!

So I’m definitely not pointing fingers here.

The Solution Is Just One Word

Those same marriage counselling professionals also agreed on the number one cause of divorce…

“Poor Communication”

But most of us have never been taught communication skills.

Especially when it comes to our marriage.

And it’s time to do something about it if you want to save your marriage.

Because “communication” is the solution you’re looking for.

This Could Be You

Remember how you felt when you first met your partner?

How close you were? Like you were soul mates?

Now imagine having that same level of connection and intimacy for the life of your marriage.

To become one of those couples that celebrates your 25th, 30th or even 50th Wedding Anniversary…

While still being completely in love with each other.

Communication Saved
Our Marriage

We’ve been married 20 years and not all of them were happy.

In fact, if we hadn’t learned to communicate we’d probably be divorced right now.

It was that bad.

Because for a time, healthy communication of any form was virtually nonexistent.

But Things Are
VERY Different Now

We’re now a highly successful marriage coaching team.

We’re best selling authors on marriage and intimacy.

We’re the hosts of the world’s #1 Marriage Podcast.

And our marriage is obviously better than ever.

All because we learned to communicate with each other.

Your Marriage Can
Be Better Than Ever

With effective communication you will…

  • Stop feeling angry and frustrated with your spouse(and avoid this affecting other areas of your life)
  • Develop lasting solutions for your marriageso you can get through anything together
  • Restore honesty, openness and transparencywith each other so you can live together with love and trust

But most importantly… create the “happily ever after” that you both deserve.

But It Doesn’t Just Work For Us

Here’s what some of our clients say…

* “We are communicating better than ever before because now we are not just “going through the motions” when we talk. By talking clearly to one another we are having huge breakthroughs in our marriage.”

Julie B., Oregon

* “He Zigs, She Zags is amazing! There is no fluff, no unrealistic expectations, just down to earth, practical advice on having an incredible, Christ-centered marriage.”

Hannah W., Georgia

* “I got married 7 months ago and as a newlywed I can honestly say there is no play book or instruction manual to prepare you for this thing called marriage. ‘He Zigs, She Zags’ has been our play book when it comes to our communication. I just wanted to message you guys and say THANK YOU. You are making a difference in our marriage!”

Chris C., Indiana


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