Any Man That Can Handle His Phone Well Can Handle His Wife Best

Any Man That Can Handle His Phone Well Can Handle His Wife Best



  1. You are always scared to stay away from your phone for just a day. Let your wife also see that you don’t want to stay away from her even if it’s for a day.
  1. You hate to see your phone stay without money (airtime). You should also hate to see your wife stay without money.
  1. Because you are so used to your phone, you sometimes prefer it to a new one no matter how sophisticated the new one looks. Value your wife above any woman out there, no matter how good looking she is.

  1. You are always happy when your phone battery is fully charged and whenever it is running down you don’t hesitate to charge it. Your wife sometimes becomes physically weak through ensuring that everything goes well in the house. Keep her strong emotionally by your kind words and assist with the house chores where necessary. By doing this you would make her full of energy to face what lies ahead.
  1. You feel terrible whenever your phone slips from your hand to the ground. Feel same whenever anything hurts your wife
  1. Whenever you are using your phone to make a serious call, you always want to stay away from distractions. Treat your wife the same way when discussing serious issues
  1. Your phone contains so much inside – your contacts, codes, memorable pictures etc, hence the value you place on it. Your wife has some treasures hidden in her too. Please value her.
  1. Sometimes when the outer casing of your phone fades, you feel embarrassed to hold it in public. Always ensure your wife looks good wherever she goes. Remember, the wife is said to be the glory of the man.
  1. Whenever your phone has a problem, you become unavailable to your callers. Let your wife’s problems make you unavailable to anything needing your attention until she is alright.
  1. You feel uncomfortable when your phone mouthpiece is having a problem. Let it also disturb you when your wife couldn’t get what you are saying. Always look for a better way to communicate with her until she can clearly understand what you are saying. Make sure you always remove anything that will block your ears from hearing and listening to her.
  1. Just as you use your phone to browse the internet, interact with friends from different social networks, let your wife also become a platform for your social interaction with family and friends. Also there are so many resources in your wife that you never knew of. Just be humble enough and browse through; you’ll be surprised that your wife knows so much. It’s just like your phone, how you don’t know everything it can do.

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