An Important Message to All Parents


Please, stop teaching your daughter that it’s her job to fix her man! Who will fix her when she is busy fixing another?

Mummy, stop telling her that she’s the home builder! Tell her that she will work hand in hand with her husband to build her home.

Our society today is littered with over-burdened wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. They are wearied, they are stressed and drained from having to fix themselves and as well fix an adult who ought to be fixing himself and fixing things around the house.

Look around you. You’ve succeeded in raising strong daughters and weak sons – sons who have grown to become nonchalant men, men who rather feast while the women work.

Ma’am, teach your son that it’s his job to provide for his family, totally and exclusively. That way he won’t expect his woman to share family responsibilities with him. When such expectations aren’t there, he will very much appreciate any contribution she makes.

Teach your son that he’s the sole protector of his home. That will make him not run off to chase pleasure with the idea that “my wife will handle it.”

Mama, teach your son that loving his wife is a daily affair, and that he must make her feel loved in every sense of the word.

Dad, make your son understand that he has NOT done anything for his children until he loves their mother fully.

Papa, raise your son by loving his mother purely. When he sees you doing it right, he will do it more right in his marriage.

Daddy, teach your son never to depend on a woman. That way he will never look at a woman as his support; he will put in his best to be there for his family.

Mom and Dad, raise your sons to be the picture of the husbands you desire for your daughters!


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