A Special Message to Parents and Potential Parents


✅Parents, children are a photocopy of their parents’ character.

✅You are the hydropower dams from which they can tap the power of living light.

✅If the dams are empty of values, and the water levels are too low, what will they tap? Only darkness.

✅Many parents today are suffering from a disease known as “TB”, that is “Too Busy”!

✅Yes, the cost of living is high, but the cost of loving is affordable.

🙏There’s God to help you.

✅Each child is a goldmine and it’s for the parents to mine the gold out of them.

✅Sarcastically, there are parents who see their children as a form of tax: Tax on their time, tax on their comfort and tax on their freedom.

✅And immediately, they send them to boarding school even in nursery, so as to evade these taxes.

✅Remember, children are like the Global Fund – a gift and a donor fund from God. You will have to provide full accountability for their use or mismanagement. You shall be audited!!

✅The home is the first classroom in which a child sits. Unfortunately, however, the teachers, i.e. the parents, have absconded from their duty posts.

✅If you ask the children, they will tell you that parents’ absence have changed their perception of their home environment. To them, TV is their daddy; they see him everyday. The radio set is their mummy; she talks to them whenever they want.

✅Parents, these are your children and you have boarded them the wrong taxis, to the Northern Bypass of destruction!!!!

✅Physically, they may be in university, but mentally they are in kindergarten, with their minds still wrapped up in nappies.

✅So? Don’t just be the head of the home but head the home!

✅PARENT should mean:
P – Personal Friend,
A – Available,
R – Responsible,
E – Encourages
N – Nurtures and
T – Teaches

✅Now is the time for IDPs (Internally Displaced Parents) to return home so that the reconstruction of the family can begin.

✅There are parents who are living in camps of bondage called bars; extra-marital affairs, cross generational rapports… name it. They need to come home for their family is under attack.

✅Many homes used to be like Celtel, Making Life Better, but now they have become like Baghdad, daily explosions of verbal artillery, all these detonated by marital conflicts!

✅You the parents, have become suicide bombers, blowing up our future.

✅When we see daddy approaching, ‘black mamba is about to strike.’

✅We take cover as he comes heavily armed with words of mass destruction.

✅When the family fails to stand, the nation falls.

✅Parents, create time for your children and may God bless us all.

⚡Dear parents, do not worry that children don’t listen to you. Worry that they always watch you.


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