A Joke Full of Message

A Joke Full of Message


My husband was making a joke yesterday evening during dinner. He said, “When Adam’s wife offered him the fruit and he collected, God didn’t interfere. God didn’t jump in saying, ‘Stop, Adam, don’t eat!’

“And when Abraham’s wife told him to impregnate her maid, God didn’t interfere, and when Abraham’s wife wanted the maid out, God told him, ‘Guy, listen to your wife.’

“Obviously, God doesn’t interfere in WIFE-BASED DECISIONS because the wife has a similar role to that of the Holy Spirit – ‘a Help’. So any decision she HELPS her husband make, any condition it lands him in, good luck to both of them!!!

“As I said, it is a joke, not a theory. Okay?”

And we laughed hard about it…

Afterwards though, I went to my bed and thought deeply about the presumed joke. And I had to pray, “Lord, please don’t let me make a decision that will wreck my husband. Also, Heavenly Father, let me not influence him to make a wrong decision.”

Whether you are a married woman or not, you are a potential woman in a man’s life. How the life and destiny of that man goes depends on God and you.

I can mention tons of roles the man also has to play in the life of his wife, and they are many. However, for the purpose of this update, let us focus on the woman – because she is the one God has given the responsibility of running the home. And trust me, it is not just about buying foodstuffs, cooking and taking care of kids. It is more of a highly spiritual task, like standing in the gap in the spirit and taking charge of her home.

Wives need to allow God rule their heart so much that every decision they make is God’s decision through them, not their own selfish decision influenced by anger, hatred and emotions flowing out of the vanity of their mind.

Wives have to allow patience, tolerance, love and faith to be the basis of what they do. They need to be a destiny makers, not destiny wreckers.

I have heard great men testify, “I would not have got this far if not for my wife!” Let that be the testimony about you as a wife.

* And if you are an unmarried man reading this, please pray hard to marry your God-ordained wife. Trust me, your life depends on it.

* And if you are a married man, please uphold your wife in prayer to be a positive influence on you and the entire family.

If you can read, understand and digest this, your relationship with your spouse and people around you will be more cordial, and will endure.

Look at these happy faces…

And look at these sad faces…

Did you notice that almost all happy faces have closed eyes while, on the other hand, all sad or angry faces have open eyes?

This is life.. Close your eyes and ignore all negative things so you can live happily.😄

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