9 Things You Can Do For Your Wife to Brighten Her Day

9 Things You Can Do For Your Wife to Brighten Her Day


Make Sure Your Wife Feels Loved, Appreciated, and Uplifted.

By Megan Bailey

We have all heard the phrase: “Happy wife, happy life!” While no one can be happy all the time, there are little romantic gestures you can do that will always brighten up your wife’s day. They will pay off big time with only a small amount of effort on your end. These ideas will help you show your wife how much you love and appreciate her.

Check-off something on your wife’s to-do list.

Think about all the things your wife accomplishes in one day. She may be responsible for waking up the kids, getting them ready for school, packing their lunches, and then getting herself to work, and that is all before noon! In a review by the scientific journal “Emotion”, people experience gratitude when they perceive their partner to be doing something for them over themselves. Even if your to-do list seems never-ending, carve out some time to help check something off your wife’s to-do list. It does not matter if it’s big or small, it only matters that you completed it. She will see how special she is to you.

Plan out your next date night.

You both are busy people, and sometimes that can mean neglecting taking care of your relationship. Show your wife you still care by planning out your next date outing. Plan everything from the reservations to the babysitter so your wife doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Even the act of telling your wife that you have a date on the calendar will brighter her day because she will have something exciting to look forward to. The date itself will be a well-deserved break.

Sneak little notes around the house.

Do you leave for work before your wife? Leave a post-it note on the bathroom mirror with a cute note for her to wake up to. It’s a great way for her to start the day. You can also leave notes in her lunch box, in her pants pockets, or on her car dashboard. Hide them randomly so that throughout the day, she gets little pick-me-ups that remind her how appreciated she really is.

Send sweet text messages.

Making your wife smile does not always require huge gestures or spending a ton of money. A study published in Sage Journals found that text messages generate feelings of closeness and communication even when far apart. While she is at work, send your wife a cute flirty message or simply ask how her day is going. This will show your wife that she’s on your mind throughout the day.

Watch her favorite show.

You might hate trash reality television but believe it or not, your wife probably wishes you would watch it with her. Who does not love snuggling up to their significant other on the couch? It will mean even that much more because she knows it is not something that is normally your speed. If she is having a bad day, suffering through one episode to make her smile won’t hurt you.

Cook her a meal.

Have you ever tried making your wife breakfast in bed? Don’t just heat up a frozen breakfast sandwich, but actually break out the pots and pans to whip up her favorite bacon and egg combo. If that’s something you normally don’t have time to do, even making her lunch or offering to make the family dinner is a great way to show your wife you appreciate and respect her. They always say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so show off your cooking skills.

Pay attention to physical touch.

The importance of physical touch should never be underestimated. People feel loved by their partners when they receive a lot of affectionate touch, outside of what happens in the bedroom. This can mean holding her hand, giving her hugs, stroking her hair, cuddling her on the couch, or kissing her forehead before you leave for work. Not only will it brighten her day, but it will keep your relationship connection stronger.

Surprise her with a gift.

Is there a book or clothes item your wife has been eyeing? Go out of the way to purchase it for her for no reason other than that you love her. She will appreciate that you have been listening to the things she’s been saying enough to notice what she wants. If you cannot think of a specific gift, even grabbing her flowers, her favorite ice cream or chocolate, or balloons is a cute way to still brighten her day.

Keep yourself happy, too.

The best way to keep your wife happy is by being a happy person yourself. If you can tell your wife is stressed out and angry or she begins to lash out, do not negatively react. Stay calm and collected, and then ask how you can best support her. By providing a listening ear and staying positive yourself, your happiness will rub off on your wife and help her feel a little bit better. She would do the same for you.

It is the small things that make the biggest difference. These gestures will brighten your wife’s day and plaster a smile across her face. She will know that you love, appreciate, and care for her.


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