9 things a married man should never say to another woman


Rachel De Castro

It may look innocent, but it is NOT.

Married men have to interact with other women at work and school, but these interactions need to be respectful.

Intimacy with other women should be avoided at all cost. A married man’s best friend should be his wife, and the ONLY woman with whom he has intimate conversations. His wife should be the most important woman in his life, no exceptions.

1. “I’m in need a good friend to talk to”

If the conversation is too intimate, it creates a closeness that should not exist. If a man needs a friend to talk to, his wife is the best person to do that.

2. “My wife and I haven’t been intimate in a long time”

A married man should never talk about this subject to anybody, especially another woman. If you feel frustrated, talk with your wife and try to work it out together.

3. “My wife and I don’t get along very well”

At some point, you two got along, that’s why you decided to get married. If your marriage is going through a rough patch, remember the good times and get closer to your wife – not to another woman.

4. “Yesterday, my wife and I had a huge fight”

No one needs to know that.

5. “I’m glad to have you near me”

This type of compliment makes it clear that you are interested in another woman and that you need her. A married man should never have this type of friendship with another woman.

6. “I am stressed out. Do you want to go out later?”

Hanging out with another woman alone is disrespectful to your wife and is the first step to infidelity.

7. “We’re just friends, so this shouldn’t be a problem”

If you need to give excuses about your actions it is a sign that these actions are totally wrong. Avoid anything that you have to give excuses for.

8. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

This information should not be of interest to a married man.

9. “Do you think that I’m a good husband?”

This is something a married man should be asking his wife.

If you are married, avoid this kind of friendship with other women. Show respect to the commitment you made with your wife.


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