8 Reasons Why Guys Won’t Commit

8 Reasons Why Guys Won’t Commit



Farrah Gray

A man will commit to a relationship, but understand that he is making sacrifices from his single life.

  • He has to explain what’s on the credit card now. Maybe he bought a more expensive brand of golf balls or treated his friends to pizza. Before he just did it, but now he has to explain it to you.
  • He has to work with you on a family get-together schedule. He may have always gone to his mom’s for Christmas, but now he has to work it with you as to where and with whom you two will be spending holidays.
  • Choosing what to wear – now he has to hear you say, “That’s what you’re wearing?” It was so much easier before…
  • Now he has to clean up before bed, like throwing away empty bottles and the pizza box, and you probably don’t want him to eat in bed either!
  • He used to have a whole bed to himself, and now not only does he have to share that space, if he’s the last one out of it, you probably want him to make it too!
  • He has to hear about your day as well as handle the stresses of his own. Give him a minute to get in the door before you hit him with the sob story or the he-said-she-said tale.
  • Now he has to share decisions, as to what to have for dinner, what movie or show to watch, what color to paint the kitchen. It was all so simple before!
  • Openly looking at other ladies is not something he can get away with now.

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