7 Ways To Deal With Jealousy Without Getting Affected

7 Ways To Deal With Jealousy Without Getting Affected


By Sapna Mehta

Jealousy is one of the most common feelings that we as humans face, and honestly speaking, there’s nothing really wrong with it. In fact, jealousy can only become problematic when you act majorly on it and let it start consuming you.

Extreme jealousy, in particular, can make you bitter and angry very often, which by extension is guaranteed to affect other aspects of your life as well. So on that note, here are 7 healthy ways to deal with jealousy without getting affected by it:

1. Try believing and trusting your partner.

Believing someone and trusting them are two very different things. If you trust someone, then you’d never face any issues in believing them. As such, unless there is absolutely concrete proof of the contrary, you should make it a point of both believing and trusting your partner.

2. Never compare yourself to others.

People are different, and we all have traits that make us special and different from everyone else. In the same way, we also have some characteristics that may make us less desirable than others. As such, there is no point in comparing yourself to others. Doing so will only damage your self-esteem and hurt you more.

So make sure you love yourself the way you are because that’s what makes you different from the rest.

3. Think about the good things.

Imagination plays a major role in making your jealousy worse. You sit and imagine all worse-case scenarios your partner may be doing and, as such, end up getting jealous. So instead of torturing yourself, stay calm and think about things that make you happy. Doing so will help you drive away your jealousy.

4. Set them free.

Keeping your partner under your eye the whole time will only aggravate your jealousy. So try setting them free and let them have some time with their friends and family. In order to get rid of your jealousy, you’ll need to face it boldly, and this just happens to be the best way to do it.

5. Communicate your worries.

The best way to get done with your jealousy is to tell your partner everything you’re feeling. By doing so, you give them an opportunity to try and explain their part and make you feel better. Keeping those feelings inside of you is only going to make matters worse.

6. Introspect within yourself.

Try assessing your feelings and what makes you feel that way. Sometimes, one’s past experiences are the ones responsible for inculcating such feelings. So try learning about yourself before you start pointing fingers at your partner.

7. Consult someone wise.

If all of the above fails, then try seeking help from someone who has gone through it and went past it. If you aren’t able to help yourself deal with your jealousy, then go for some assistance because, otherwise, it can damage your current relationship and the future ones as well.


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