7 things you must let go before you welcome 2017


New Year resolutions are most of the time made to be broken. So this year, before we welcome 2017, let’s just focus on becoming the better version of us.

There are some things and some ideas that you need to let go of before you enter the New Year. Here they are:

1. Let go of the negative self talks

Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough for something you wish for. Stop underestimating your own strengths and go for it!

2. Let go of toxic things

Toxic friends, relationships, things, all of it, get rid of them. Anything that infuses negativity in your life, you need to get rid of it. It does not have to be a dramatic affair. Just let go of the energy that you spend on them and lead a non-toxic life.

3. Let go of the loud life you live

If you currently live a life full of notifications, phone ringing, sharing and clicking, let yourself have some peace before you enter the New Year.

4. Let go of the excess amount of confidence

Being confident is good, being over-confident is not. It will only get you in a mess and you will end up making a fool out of yourself. Stop wasting your energy in the things where it is not required.

5. Let go of your hatred towards your body

You will always have something or the other that you won’t like about yourself. You have to understand it is okay to be proud of whatever you have and however you look.

6. Let go of the idea of pleasing everybody else

In the process of pleasing everybody else, you will lose your purpose of life. People who worry about ‘what others might think of them’ lead nowhere.

7. Let go of bitterness

The bitterness inside you provokes anger when you encounter slight problems. Traffic, irresponsible people, an annoying boss, whoever it may be – let go of them. Stop letting these petty things ruin your day.

Let’s welcome 2017 by being the better version of ourselves.


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