7 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Dating


Farrah Gray

You can find a man… the question is: how do you find the right man? We asked some men and they gave some surprising advice to the ladies.

  • Trust your instincts. This comes from Sean, who says that women need to do two things using their own intuition: distinguish between hoping he is a good dude and reading that he is. Second, trust yourself. See a man as he is, not as what you think you see. Don’t let desire fool you. Use your smarts.
  • Don’t go for crazy because it’s exciting. You know what we’re talking about – the guy that will get up on the table and dance while singing your name or shoplift a candy bar for the thrill. It’s gonna wear off and then you will be back to square one.
  • Understand the difference between a man that is controlling from one that is in control. Christian advises to watch for the guy that tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. He wants it his way, all the time. That’s a controlling man. A man in control will be strong, but not to the extent that he tries to control your every move.
  • Put yourself in situations where you can meet the kind of man that you want. If you want a man with a good heart, volunteer somewhere and meet guys who give back to the community. They are not all there by court order! If you want a man who takes care of his body, spend some time at the gym. There are clubs for just about every hobby out there. Join one you are interested in to find the guy who also is interested in that hobby.
  • Be approachable. Let a guy come to you.Be nice. If you want to reject him, do so in a pleasant way. Don’t turn your back. Sometimes a dude might be approaching you for someone else. Or the right one may be watching and will notice how you respond. If you act ugly, he might not ever take the chance to come over.
  • Take your time. You don’t have to see him every day of the week. Give him time to be himself and be with his friends, and he wants you to live your life, too. Men like ladies who are not clingy and need attention all the time. They want a woman who can handle herself and not be demanding of his time.
  • Finally you don’t try to change a man. Love ‘em or leave ‘em! If you feel like you have to manipulate him to get your way, he’s not the one for you.

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