7 spells to cast over your marriage that will make him never leave you


Amberlee Lovell

If you keep these seven spells in mind every day, your man could never even dream of leaving you.

Anyone who’s been in love knows that it is magic. But unfortunately, sometimes as life sets in that magic starts to wear off.

If you keep these seven spells in mind every day, your man will never want to leave you.

  1. The spell of respect

Marriage writer Dave Willis wrote, “For many men, the drive to be respected is even stronger than their drive for sex.”

It’s hard to believe, right? But if you could ask your husband the right questions, you would likely discover respect is most important to him as well.

To cast this spell: genuinely compliment him both in private and in front of his friends, and laugh at his jokes (even when they aren’t funny).

  1. The spell of living within what you can afford

Budgeting doesn’t sound sexy, but trust me, few things are less sexy than debt (and the stress it brings).

Your husband wants you to be happy. Hearing you complain about the things you don’t have or worrying about the credit card bill if you’ve spent a little too much that month slowly tears him down.

To cast this spell: Tell yourself ‘no’ when you’re glancing longingly at a pair of beautiful shoes. That’s real magic.

  1. The spell of intimacy

We often think of intimacy as sex, but they are two separate things. Your husband needs to feel close with you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

To cast this spell: Read books together that spark deep conversations. Ask questions to learn even more about him. Discuss your beliefs. Be willing to sit and watch a football game with him (if that’s his thing). Hug him when he comes home.

Each of these spells is unique to you. Stay intimate and he’ll remember why he loves you.

  1. The spell of sex

Imagine having a horrible day – the worst of your life. What you want most is to come home and cry to your husband as you tell him all about it. But when you start to cry, he pushes you away and says he’s too tired. In an instant, he shattered your communication, connection, and release of emotions. That’s kind of how your husband feels when you refuse sex.

Sex is a major form of his communication. It’s his way of saying, ‘I love you,’ ‘I choose you,’ ‘I appreciate all you do.’ ‘You’re beautiful,’ and ‘I’m so glad we have this life together.’

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s definitely important. For your husband, sex is one of the main ways he connects with you – and only you. He seeks your affection because he loves you. Yes, you get headaches and yes, you can just be too tired, but denying him sex is like denying him the ability to communicate with you.

To cast this spell: Initiate sex more often, and save your ‘no’ nights for times when you really can’t.

  1. The spell of ‘nothing’

Husbands seem to do a lot of ‘nothing.’ They think about ‘nothing,’ talk to their friends about ‘nothing’, and fill their days with ‘nothing.’ This drives women crazy. The truth is, your husband can be thinking about nothing – or at least nothing worth talking about (or dinosaurs).

To cast this spell: Give time every day to just do ‘nothing.’ Apparently it does wonders for his soul.

  1. The spell of liking your body

Anytime you look down at your thighs and think they’re a little too fat, or complain about your weight, it doesn’t just affect you – it hurts your husband also.

Of all the women in the world he chose YOU! He thinks you’re beautiful, but no matter how many times he tell you, he can’t change your mind. Your hubby cannot make up for your lack of self-esteem, and attempting to do so is exhausting. So, draw him in by loving yourself first.

To cast this spell: Do some serious homework on what it takes to have real confidence.

  1. The spell of priority

It’s so easy to put those we love the most on the back burner. Perhaps it’s because we think they won’t leave us. But if you’re consistently putting your children, your parents, your job, your friends or your hobbies in front of your husband, he’ll wonder if he matters much at all to you.

To cast this spell: Make him your priority. Go on a date every week, no matter how simple. Knowing he’s your number one is the strongest spell of all.


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