7 Signs That Man Isn’t Good For You

7 Signs That Man Isn’t Good For You



Farrah Gray

Men, like women, come in all shapes and sizes. Most would love a looker, but what’s really important is what’s under that exterior, handsome or not. Here are some characteristics that might be warning signs of bigger problems.

  • Joe Jealousy. You can spot him early, as he will become terse with a waiter who smiles at you, or he will make a snide comment about why you had to hug your co-worker so long. Those are early signs that you might be dealing with a man whose jealousy could escalate to a dangerous level pretty quickly.


  • No Show Joe. Hecallsand calls and you finally give in to setting a date. You get all dressed up and he doesn’t show up. Later, or even the next day you might get a lame excuse, but sista gurl, unless he’s been in a horrific accident, there are no excuses good enough. With all the technology available today, there’s no excuse for leaving you waiting.
  • Two Timing Tom. Just watch for the signs you’re not the only one taking up his time. He’s not available on a traditional dating night and his reason for not seeing you is vague at best. He slips up and says something about remembering that place on Beale Street and you’ve never been there with him.7-signs-youre-a-side-chick
  • The Bully. He’s a little rough and it could be signs that physical abuse could follow. He pokes your chest to make a point or holds your arm too tight when leading you somewhere. He seems to get angry at the littlest things, like if a car cuts in front of him… he bangs on the steering wheel and yells at the other driver and goes so far as to threaten him/her. Dude’s got anger issues and it’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt.
  • The Lucky Guy. He’s so lucky he found you. And he tells you so after just three dates and he’s ready to move in with you. He’s the dude you see on “Judge Judy” telling her that the loan you gave him was a gift.
  • Charlie Harper. He dislikes more about your life than likes, such as your dog, the way you sleep or how you eat your soup. It’s all about him and his ways, and you need to be the one to make all adjustments.
  • Buzz Kill. He’s the kind who is a bit threatened by a successful woman or at least one that makes more money than he does. His comments are subtle… he might call your promotion “your little promotion” or ask you why you didn’t get an “A” instead of the “B” you worked so hard for. Basically, he diminishes your accomplishments.The point is not to get caught up in the euphoric state of a new relationship so much so that you miss the signs that it might not be the rose garden you thought you’d entered.

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