7 secret fantasies every good husband has about his wife

7 secret fantasies every good husband has about his wife

7 SECRET fantasies every good husband has about his wife 7 SECRET fantasies every good husband has about his wife 2


Alex Phippen

What does your husband fantasize about? The answer just might surprise you.

What does your husband fantasize about? Have you ever wondered this before? You may think you know, but the answer to this intriguing question just might surprise you.

The dictionary defines the word fantasy as “a mental image, typically one on which a person dwells at length or repeatedly and which reflects their conscious or unconscious wishes.”

So now the real question becomes, “What are your husband’s conscious or unconscious wishes?”

Here are seven secret fantasies every husband has about his wife.

  1. He fantasizes about what his life would be like without you

Every so often, your husband’s thoughts drift to how his life would have turned out if you were never a part of it. Though your relationship isn’t perfect, he knows without a doubt he wouldn’t be happy. Not only that, but his life would have far less meaning to it.

This fantasy strengthens the idea in your husband’s mind that no other person or thing in this world can bring him the kind of joy you do.

  1. He fantasizes about leaving everything behind to live with you in some exotic place

Your husband has definitely had this daydream before. It probably hits him during a stressful time at work or while he’s waiting at a stoplight.

He’s imagined what it would be like if you both could just run away and live on some beach forever – some place where neither of you had to worry about work, sickness, taxes, car problems or any of life’s other hardships.

Eventually this fantasy fades away as your husband returns to reality. While he knows there is no escaping the stresses of life, he’s grateful to have you by his side as the two of you face them together.

  1. He fantasizes about how someone like himever ended up with someone as amazing as you.

This is a recurring fantasy all happily married men have. They’re constantly asking themselves, “How did Iever end up with someone as incredible as her?”

Really, though – your husband actually does think about this. As his wife, you make him grateful for his life and he feels extremely lucky to be a part of yours.

He often reflects on the moment he first met you and how you made him feel. He also remembers trying to somehow convince you he was worth even a fraction of your time. Although he succeeded, he’ll never quite understand how.

  1. He fantasizes about when the kids are all grown up and it’s just you and him

This fantasy enters every husband’s mind as his kids get older and older. Of course he loves his kids like crazy, but he dreams of the day when it’s just you and him all over again.

He can’t wait to grow old with you and continue making memories. Now you know why he can’t stop smiling at your kids’ high school graduations.

  1. He fantasizes about the nice things he’d buy you if money wasn’t an issue

Every good husband occasionally thinks about all the nice things he’d get his wife if money didn’t matter.

He’d buy you things like those diamond earrings you’ve always wanted or a new vacuum cleaner because it secretly kills him to see you use that old broken one just because he can’t afford to get you something better.

At times, he might even feel like that vacuum – broken and worthless – because he can’t give you the things he thinks you want.

Help him know that you appreciate how hard he works and that things are only things. You can’t put a price on the type of joy that only comes from being with someone you love.

  1. He fantasizes about holding and kissing you

This fantasy saturates every thought your husband has whenever the two of you aren’t together. It doesn’t matter how nice the hotel is he stays at during business trips; it’s never good enough without you.

Don’t feel discouraged if this fantasy doesn’t always come through or seem apparent. It might not show on the surface because he doesn’t like to show emotion or maybe because he just doesn’t know how. Either way, just know that inwardly he longs to be with you whenever the two of you are apart.

  1. He fantasizes about his future family with you

Both newly-married and long-time husbands have this fantasy.

New husbands fantasize about the joys and responsibilities that wait ahead, of having children and raising a family.

Those men who already have children envision themselves and their wives as grandparents. They imagine what it will be like to have beautiful young grandchildren come to visit them. They fantasize about having a family that continues to increase in size and in love.

While not all husbands will have these same seven fantasies, the good ones always will. Their conscious and unconscious wishes revolve around making their wives and children happy. When all is said and done, there is truly no other fantasy greater than this.


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