7 effective ways to make him feel attracted to you

7 effective ways to make him feel attracted to you


Whether you’ve been with your man for two days or 20 years, you’re always looking for ways to attract him. These seven tips are bound to get you noticed.

By Island Spa and Sauna

It has been said that beauty comes from within, but if you’re looking to make him more attracted to you, you’re likely going to have to look inside and out. These seven tips are surefire ways to make you more attractive – instantly.

Get him to touch your skin

Ask any man, there’s just something about a woman’s skin. If your skin isn’t exactly baby smooth, it’s not too late to turn back the years (and uncover the softness). Spend a day at a Korean spa that provides spas and saunas aimed at uncovering your most beautiful self. For even softer skin, invest in a Korean body scrub that exfoliates your skin, uncovering newer, softer and younger skin. He’s bound to notice.

Find your passion

If you want your man to take notice, find your own passion and develop your interests. Whether you develop a penchant for jewelry making or an addiction to running, igniting your passion can help reignite the passion between you and your partner. According to Shape Magazine, men find hobbies like dancing, traveling, and clothes-making attractive in women.

Get dressed

Call it the curse of the comfy sweats. Once you’ve been in a relationship a while, you tend to get comfortable and your appearance might show it. If you’ve started to consider fleece joggers and yoga pants business casual, it might be time to rethink your daily look. Make a point to get up, do your hair and makeup and get dressed in clothes that don’t sport an elastic band or an extra three yards of fabric.

Make the first move

The demure damsel is so last century. If you want your man to find you attractive, show him you’re attracted. That means making a few advances of your own. According to The Washington Post, men find women who make the first move attractive – and those bold women tend to date more handsome men. While you’re only looking to attract one man, a little boldness won’t hurt.

Forget you’re a mom

This is not to say you should abandon morning carpool or let your children fend for themselves at dinner. But now and then, it’s OK to remember that you’re more than a mom. You’re also a woman – a woman who is not only the head of a family but is also one-half of a romantic couple. If it’s been a while since you’ve let this side of you take the spotlight, put on something sexy (and maybe let the kids make their own mac and cheese tonight).

Don’t be a princess … or a doormat

If your primary language is nagging, you’re probably not giving your partner many reasons to find you attractive. That said, men don’t find complete passivity attractive either. Practice communicating with assertiveness and confidence. Speak your opinions, but be willing to listen and compromise too. If it’s been a while since you’ve made your needs known, speak up. But if your needs are the only ones getting any time in the spotlight, it might be time to put him first.

Spend some time alone

If you’re looking to get closer to your man, a little space might be the answer. Spending time by yourself – whether that’s on a long morning run or a full day at the spa – helps you develop your sense of self, a quality that makes you instantly more attractive. Not to mention that time away gives you the opportunity to miss each other, which is never a bad thing where romance is concerned.


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