6 ways to keep your husband emotionally satisfied


Georgia Lee

Men have emotions, too. And your husband’s emotional needs might not be met. Here are 6 ways to keep your husband emotionally satisfied.

Men have needs and emotions. And your husband, like most men, may not be so forthcoming with what they are. Men are not as likely to tell their wives what they need or what the marriage is missing. Instead, a man will become distant, angry or depressed if he feels emotionally unsatisfied. So sometimes it’s up to you to use your intuition and make sure his needs are taken care of.

Here are 6 things that will help keep your husband emotionally satisfied.

  1. Physical affection

Everyone needs physical affection. But how much and what kind varies greatly from person to person. You know your husband and how he operates…But if you’ve forgotten just how much affection he likes, try increasing the amount and types of affection you give him slowly. If he becomes distant or acts like he’s feeling crowded, back off a little. Find the balance where he seems appreciative without acting annoyed.

  1. Compassionate conversation

Talk to your husband. Have a conversation. Focus on listening and empathizing. Try not to respond with your own thoughts or feelings so much. He should leave these conversations feeling listened to and understood. Make him feel like you care about his point of view and understand his perspective without needing to share yours.

  1. Undivided attention

Spend time with your hubby – and be completely present when you are together. Put your phone on silent and really get into whatever you’re doing. Don’t talk about work, or bills or family drama. Just enjoy each other and be in the moment with him.

  1. Unsolicited interest

Openly ask your partner about his life. Ask him how he feels and what he’s going through without him having to ask about you first. If you initiate this conversation first, he knows you genuinely care about him, instead of just routinely asking after he’s asked about you.

  1. Participate in his interests

You don’t have to like the same things in order for your husband to feel close to you when he’s enjoying his hobbies. Participating in his interests could mean actually picking up a golf club or going out on the lake for an afternoon. It could also be offering to organize or host events or meetings, even if you won’t actually be a part of the activity.

  1. Strategic space

All relationships need space. Spending time apart is just as important as spending time together. Again without him asking, plan a weekend where you two will be able to enjoy yourselves without worrying about each other. Take a weekend trip with friends, drop the kids off at a family member’s house and give him the place to himself. Or get him out of the house on a lone adventure to explore something he’s interested in. Giving each other space will help you appreciate each other when you’re together.

Men have basic needs that must be met to be emotionally satisfied. Your husband may not outright ask you to do anything to keep him satisfied but it’s imperative you start somewhere and keep it up. He may not even really know what needs are and are not being met. So keep your household peaceful and start with these basic six emotionally satisfying suggestions.


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